a little piece of paradise

 Our house is a work in progress. When you buy an old house it turns into a million projects and a lot of work. We bought our house in 2005 and then we put our focus on my brother and my education. At the end of the day we didn’t have the funds needed to update the house like we planned. When we first bought the house it was abandoned for a few years and was very 1970s. SO much shag carpeting!! After graduating college in May I came home and started working at a great job. I would be home at 5 and found myself bored out of my mind. At school I was busy all day and all night. Then I found myself with no papers to write or topics to study. One weekend I was very bored and it was a crappy beach day. There is an awkward landing / room in my house that you have to walk through to get into my room. It was this blah color and was just used for storage while accumulating laundry. I got inspired to redo the room and since it did not have much furniture it was easy to get started. The room color was actually a mistake purchase we made while trying to get a blue for our new bathroom. We had a gallon of this turquoise blue in the basement just waiting to be used!  In the basement we had these two big white bookcases so I brought them upstairs. My mother and I have a thing about collecting magazines. My mother has years worth of Martha Stewart magazines and they were just sitting in a box so I got inspired to use them to decorate the bookcase. I had a lot of fun of strategically placing each item on the bookcase. A lot of the stuff we had was stuff laying around the house.
  This fireplace is actually a fake one! It weights like eight pound and you can easily move it around. It has been in my parents lives for years!! I love that it has its own special place in this room. The mirror was a HomeGoods find! It was in clearance for $20 because there was a small chip in the corner but with a strategically placed photo you cannot even tell!
  When I came back home from college and moved back home with mom and dad I had a lot of stuff. Like a lot! My bedroom theme in Philly was beach and blue. So I had a lot of stuff that I could reuse in this room.  Found this beauty for $3 at Goodwill!
I am a big clearance shopper and like to stroll around Goodwill for cute house decorations. These are some of my finds that really make the room beachy!   Thi

 This pineapple is also one of my favorites of the room! It was $2 from Goodwill and when I saw it I had to have it!

This room inspired me to take on other rooms in the house. More posts will be uploaded soon. All of this projects take time and planning but I find it to be the highlight of my day. It is so nice to take a room and redo it to make it beautiful! We have a lot of rooms in the house so there is weeks of cleaning, organizing and decorating to do!


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