Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Why is it that when we tell ourselves we will not spend anymore money this month that the next week there is an amazing sale? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins on July 13th for cardholders and on July 21st for non-cardholders ( ie. me!)

Get rewarded for shopping!   I don’t like to have a million cards for stores, so I try to find other ways to get in on the coupons and exclusive deals. With Nordstrom Rewards, you get the benefits of a card without having to rack up debt or credit on a card. You still get the $20 notes when you spend a certain amount and there is free shipping for everyone so you can still shop smart without the card.  Be sure to sign up for Nordstrom Rewards before you start shopping to collect points!

Why am I excited about this sale?   I like to call myself the expert sale and clearance shopper. I know where each clearance section is in my favorite stores and I have learned when the best sales are. When panties are $3.99 at Victoria’s Secret, they are the ones that are left over from the past year and need to get sold to make room for new inventory. Those cute pillows I always find for $5 at Target are clearance ones and are from a collection that is getting phased out. This is why the Nordstrom sale is different… this sale is on new inventory coming in on fall items. Even better, the prices are like clearance prices for some items before they even hit the shelves! Now is a great time to stock up on trendy pieces you want for fall. Even though it is 90+ degrees outside, buy it and put it in the back of your closet until fall rolls around. Other summer items are also on sale, but this sale is popular for fall shopping specifically.

What am I buying?    I am just like every other 20 something girl out there who wants a designer handbag, but can barely pay my bills and afford my daily Starbucks coffee. Nordstrom is successful in the declining retail world we live in because they sell luxury items and have trendy pieces as a part of their store brand, BP, for a cheaper price. If you have been eyeing that Tory Burch bag, now is the time to buy it because you won’t be able to find it cheaper anywhere else. I know when to buy and where to save. And this sale is when to buy! Now is the time to buy booties, coats, sweaters and denim. Upgrade your fall accessories during this sale.

How do I prepare?    In the beginning and end of every season as I take out a new wardrobe and put it away, I purge. I see what items I can part with and find out that I have way too many white t shirts and sweaters and need to stop buying them. I will take everything out of my closet and fold it on my bed before deciding if I should put it back in my closet. This is a smart thing to do every season, but also before the Nordstrom sale to find out what pieces you are missing in your closet. I know I cannot buy one more sweater because I have 2 storage containers packed with them. But I am finding that I am missing some other items in my closet. Know what you have and know what your closet is missing.

What am I buying?   I like to walk around Nordstrom during the sale and see if anything catches my attention. This year, there is nothing that my closet is missing, but I am sure I will stumble on something that I need! Lately, I have been wanting to invest in accessories like jewelry, shoes or handbags. I am hoping to pick up some items from Tory Burch or a new brown leather watch. You may want to cry when you swipe your credit card after your shopping spree, but the good news is that what you buy will last and it is an investment. Now is also a good time to buy luxury makeup!


Stay connected to my blog Facebook page and InstaStories where I will post what I purchased during the Nordstrom sale! I plan on posting on here again with some of my must haves from the sale when it becomes live.

Also let me know if there is anything I neeeeed to have in the comments below!


happy shopping!


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