how to keep your bathroom organized

IMG_5832I think I am the only person in the world who does not mind cleaning their bathroom! Organizing your bathroom with some of these ideas can help get you out of the house faster in the morning and make your weekly cleaning a quick 5 minutes.

I wrote this post a few weeks ago, and when I went to take some pictures I realized I just didn’t love my bathroom. Over the summer, I got inspired by Pinterest and painted my bathroom grey and bought a new white sink. I have a full bath right next to my bedroom which is wonderful, however there are no windows making it really dark without the natural lighting. In November, we planned to have an electrician to come in and put in my new lighting feature that I purchased so we removed my existing light feature. It is now March and I am still waiting for this light to go in! I think my parents forgot about it so I will have to call the electrician about it asap!

It is impossible for me to sit still, on my one day off last week I got some extra paint that we used in the dining room renovation and painted my bathroom. It looks so much better than that modern gray color. I hope one day to have a gray bathroom, but for now this dark room needs a brighter color!

My mom always said, anything can be fixed with a coat of paint!

Problem 1. Bathroom counter clutter

One of my biggest annoyance is my bathroom sink being cluttered with products, my contact case and the old coffee cup that ends up there. By being organized, I gave everything a spot in my bathroom so nothing is out of place. If it didn’t fit in the cabinet, then I tossed it. Like every girl we have a million products that all do the same thing, so for six months I didn’t buy any new products. It was very difficult to not buy another face mask or lotion, but I was able to use up all of the products I had and make room in my cabinet! My number one trick is that every night I put everything away before I go to bed so when I wake up in the morning I can easily grab the products I need and get out the door.

Problem 2. Under the sink chaos

Under the sink is where things accumulate and it gets scary. I spent an hour one day taking everything out and organizing it better. Once I put all of the towels, cleaning supplies and duplicate products together, everything looked neat and tidy.

Problem 3. Leaving the house without brushing your teeth

It’s embarrassing, but I have left the house so many times forgetting to brush my teeth. It was usually because I had a messy sink overflowing with multiple face washes and moisturizers mixed with exhaustion that I forget all about it. My bathroom mirror has a small shelf so I have all of my essentials in an old Bath and Body Works candle container. I like that it is clear glass so I can see everything in it, looks cute and was free because I already owned it!

Problem 4. Cleaning Supplies When You Need Them

This sounds like an easy cleaning trick, but I put all of my cleaning supplies in a container so they are easily to grab and tidy under my sink. I keep my cleaning supplies stocked so I always have what I need so when I am brushing my teeth at night I can do a quick clean while I brush. Multitasking is the best way to clean!

Problem 5. Clutter

Find a place for it or purge it. Don’t let things pile up under the sink or on the sink. Every night when I brush my teeth before I go to bed I put everything everything back to where it is supposed to be. It takes two minutes, but it prevents stuff from building up over time.

Problem 6. Duplicates

I think we all are guilty of having duplicates of products that all do the same thing. A few months ago, I stopped buying products and it really helped me actually use up products and realize what I actually really need. When I run out of something, I can then make the decision if I need to restock it or if I can live without it. Most of the time, I have found I can live without it!

Problem 7. Keep things together

This sounds silly, but make sure you have all of your hair products together or all of your skincare products together. It saves you so much time in the morning because you will know where everything is. A  few times a week I have to use my dry shampoo, but I always know where it is so I can spray and go!

Problem 8. Travel Sized Products

I have been traveling a lot lately and travel sized products are often overlooked until the night before you fly when you realize you need a mini toothpaste. I use an old makeup bag and store all of my travel sized products in there so I can easily use what I own when I need them instead of buying new ones. I also have an extra makeup bag that I turned into a toiletry bag and it is already packed and ready for a trip with the traveling necessities so I can just throw it in my suitcase when packing for a trip. I get a lot of travel sized free samples sent to my house or shampoo samples in magazines, so I keep them to  use them on trips.


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