Perfectly Plaid

So on on this marvelous snow day I thought I would share my new bed with you guys! I have been wanting to do this for weeks and this snow day finally made me get to it!

Okay, quick story: When I was in college, my parents surprised me and completely my bedroom. I was that person who still had a childhood bedroom when I went away to college, but found it so difficult to throw things away and change much. After sophomore year in college, I started the purge… I literally threw everything out that did not have sentimental value, and everything that did have sentimental value I put away in a box neatly and of course labeled! I still have a majority of my childhood furniture, but upgraded from a twin bed to a Full bed while I was in college. However, it was a really ugly bed that we just had laying around the house. So Junior year is when my dad created a headboard to go over the ugly bed. He spent so much time with the stuffing and burlap to make it look like one of the pretty beds I wanted! Fast forward a few years and the burlap is stained, ripping and the bed is literally breaking in two! So for Christmas, my dad surprised me once again by buying me a bed on And when I say surprised, I mean he pulled up the website and told me to buy anyone that I wanted (He’s a smart man!). On Christmas morning this giant box that we have been hiding in the guest bathroom came out and I got a new bed! It took my dad and I two hours to get my old bed apart and the new one up. My dad kept saying that this was worse than building a Barbie Dream House!

On Christmas, my mamma gave me new sheets, a new duvet, pillows, blankets, the whole lot! I am in love with my new bed and I have a trip to Ikea planned this week because when you improve one thing in a room, everything else has to be updated!


Fun fact, where my bed is now was once a kitchen! My floor was once an apartment and I chose my bedroom to be in the living room/kitchen because it is so much bigger than the room meant to be a bedroom. (You can see my guest room here

My bed takes up an entire side of my bedroom and I actually prefer it this way because it’s very cozy and at night I don’t have any distractions like a pile of laundry or a dresser with things on it to stare at all night. My mom decorated my bedroom in a French Hotel Room when I was in college and I love how clm the room color is. While I personally may have outgrown this theme, I still love how simple and clean the room is. There is very little on the walls and the furniture are all antiques my mom found. My two bedside tables are items she found while antiquing and the flower carving she found for only a few dollars at Goodwill. If you are in the process of renovating a bedroom or getting an apartment, I highly suggest going to Goodwill or second hand stores. I hate knowing that when we are done with things that they just sit in a landfill polluting our Earth. It takes some digging and going to a few places, but you can find some very interesting pieces of furniture that don’t look cookie cutter from an Ikea catalogue. DSCN3821.jpgDSCN3820.jpg

Another fun fact about myself is that I worked in a hotel one summer while in high school. It was one of the worst jobs I ever had, but it is a right of passage in my town because every girl does it, but I learned a lot  about cleaning and making a bed. Since then, when I make a bed, I make it the hotel room way! I just really like everything to be neat!DSCN3818.jpgDSCN3819.jpg

I am obsessed with pillows (!!!) but like to the point where it is becoming a problem. My decorative pillows here are from Target. The two fluffy ones are from the Dollar Bin at Target and the two decorative ones were seriously marked down clearance. The snowflake one was $4 last year! The decorative blanket on my bed is also from Target! When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I just told her bedding and Target!


My duvet and sheet set is flannel and I am in love. I know black is not the traditional winter color for bedding, but when I saw it in the store on a bed display I immediately took photos and sent them to my mom with the only words saying NEED! The bedding is Martha Stewart at Macy’s and on major clearance right now. It’s not available in stores anymore, but my parents were able to order it online. This is honestly the most comfortable bedding I have ever slept in! My mom has bought Martha Stewart sheets for years and never understood why she was obsessed, but after these flannel sheets were put on my bed, there is no going back!DSCN3816.jpg

I do have a large bedroom, but my closet is very tiny and I don’t have much room in there for storage. I have two dressers, but since they are from when I was a little kid the drawers are very small. To get creative in making more space, I took one of the under the bed storage plastic containers I had from college and I have all of my pajamas in it. That way all of my pajamas are in one place and near my bed. I also have another one that has all of my sheets for my bed. I hate the idea of a linen closet for sheets for multiple beds because everything just gets thrown in there and gets messy fast. Since being home from college, I have all of the sheets to the corresponding bed neatly placed in a box under that bed. That way, when we have to change sheets we don’t have to go far to get new ones!DSCN3823.jpg

I have built a bit of a collection of slippers over the years and have them neatly placed in a basket by my bed. If you cannot already tell, I like when things have a place. If it does not have a place I try to find a permanent place or I get rid of it. Since I started to adopt this philosophy with my things, my room seems so much more clean and open! On the side of my bed I got a Pottery Barn basket from Goodwill that I keep extra blankets and pillows in.As you can already tell, I like bedding accessories and when they are not being used, I just put them in the basket to make sure they are not on the floor creating a mess. DSCN3825.jpgDSCN3822.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my little bed tour and let me know if you have any other questions!


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life is about learning to dance in the rain


Rainy days are no fun and this week it looks like the rain will not go away!

I have put together some of my rainy day essentials. I wish I was at home on the couch curled up reading a book but instead I am stuck in this gloomy office today!

rainy day essentials


What are some of your rainy day must haves?