Take the day off, work will be there when you get back…


On Tuesday morning I woke up on time for work and dragged myself out of my warm bed to get ready for work. When I saw my work outfit on a hanger laying out for me I decided I was going to play hooky. I called work and told them I was not going to come in. Since working at my job since June 1st I have only taken two days off of work. Lately I have been in this repetitive slump at work and in life. Every day it is the same thing over and over. A busy chaotic day at work ends and I go home with very little energy. The only thing now that gets me out of the house is going to the gym or fitness classes. Even in college I never skipped a class and was always running somewhere. Unfortunately about the real world is there are no holidays or snow days. I felt so anxious taking a day off of work so last minute but by noon I was so relaxed. There comes a time in life that we revolve our lives around a job and not about our self care. My day is determined by how good of a day I had at work. I do not think our days should just be about our job. I cannot remember the last time I did something for myself and not feeling guilty. Even staying up late makes me anxious because I will not be able to give 100%  at my job the next day.

My weekends start and end without me even noticing it is over. I start the week and before I know it is Friday with nothing fun to show for it. Does anyone else feel this slump?

On Tuesday morning I walked downstairs in my comfy pajamas to have breakfast with my family. My parents had the day off so we spent the entire day watching Netflix in pajamas and wrapped up in blankets. This is better than any vacation we could have taken!


If you are looking for a show to finish in one day this is a great binge watch. We finished the show in one day and I cannot wait for the next season. It is a show full of laughs and shows how important it is to have a best friend in life.


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