snow day

YAY! We have a lot of snow here in Jersey. It started around 7pm last night and has not stopped! While I love this snow I prefer to look at it through the window in my pajamas. I went out this afternoon to shovel and it was hard week with snow up to my knees! By the time I had finished the sidewalks and stairs the snow had already coated the sidewalk again! UGH!


Most Saturdays I wake up early to get my errands done and go to a yoga class. Obviously none of that was possible today and I started to go in Starbucks withdrawal. As much as I loved lounging around allllll day finishing The West Wing on Netflix I felt very lazy. I woke up at 8am and drifted back into sleep and watching Netflix until 1pm. I haven’t slept that much in a long time!


Worlds greatest idea was taking my old comforter into our living room to snuggle in while watching Netfix. And yes, our tree is still up!

I hope tomorrow will be more productive filled with some snow related activities. Honestly the most productive thing I did today was shovel snow and shower haha


I have been talking to a lot of people about Netflix lately and I will be posting about my top Netflix binge picks tomorrow 🙂


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