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Happy Friday! It was my second full week back to work since the holidays and I am so grateful that I have Monday off to relax! With the snow and cold weather lately, I fear that spring will never arrive and we will have a winter that lasts forever. I’ve been trying to find ways to do things after work to beat the winter blues. Every year around this time, I go on vacation to the south but I don’t think a trip is in the budget for this year so that has been a bummer. For now, I am making a list of things to see and do in Philly for a mini staycation during the weekends. It’s fun to be a tourist in my own city.  

On Monday, I rushed home after work because I had friends coming over to watch The Bachelor. We got pizza and ate lots of snacks while commenting on all of the girls and drama that comes with the show. This is definitely a season worth watching.

I was really productive after work on Tuesday. Went to the gym, cleaned my apartment a bit and cooked dinner. I started watching You on Netflix and got sucked in very quickly. Didn’t get much sleep though with my insomnia so I am looking for any recommendations on how to sleep better!

Our usual date night is Wednesday, however I fell asleep on the couch shortly after eating dinner since I didn’t get much sleep the night before.

Thursdays are my usual lazy day and I kinda like that I allow myself to be lazy and not feel bad about it. I did a face mask before bed but pretty much just spent the entire night finishing up You.

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But first, coffee.

Are you watching The Bachelor this season? This was my second week having a viewing party with friends and it has quickly become the highlight of my week. If you are watching, do you have a bracket??

I have been using face masks a lot this week to get my skin to look better. Talked about my favorites here last week on the blog.

I’ve been Marie Kondo -ing my apartment this week. On Sunday, I went through 4 drawers and refolded everything after I purged a few things I realized did not bring me joy. I am working on a longer blog post about my Tidying Up experience.

The next time someone calls you a lazy millennial… read this.

Highly recommend this mock neck sweater for the long, cold winter we have ahead of us!

Apparently, this is the “It Shoe” for winter because I have seen them everywhere lately!

What I’m Watching

I covered a lot of shows in last weeks Friday Favorites post so this week I was looking for new shows to watch. Sex Education caught my attention on Netflix and it is fantastic! The humor and storyline and characters are relatable, allowing you to find a character to cheer on during the series. I finished You on Netflix this week. Holy cow. I won’t talk too much about the show besides the obvious he’s in love with a girl and becomes a stalker. Each episode had an OMG moment that I was not expecting.

Products I’m Loving

Haven’t tried anything outside of my normal routine lately. I am still using these face masks a few times a week before bed when my skin needs some extra TLC.

I recently just ran out of this under eye concealer so I will be stopping by Ulta to pick up another one. It lasted for a really long time and I love how it easily brightens my eyes no matter how many hours of sleep I got the night before.

Ulta is having a sale right now, so I am picking up the big bottles of this shampoo and conditioner since my hair has been so dry this winter! I used this brand in college when I had really long hair so I am hoping it brings some life back to my long mane.

On My Wish List

I have been living in my Uggs lately when I am not at work because of the freezing cold temperatures. I don’t need another pair, but I do love these!

Loving this top and want it in all of the colors.

This scarf would be so much fun to wear to the office. I swear I had one that was similar but somehow lost it in the move.

Love love love LOVE this dress!

I don’t have curtains in my apartment, but now I need to get some after seeing this!


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