The Formula for Perfect Skin

I haven’t been wearing much makeup to work lately, just a nude or pink eye shadow to make my eyes look more awake, some eyeliner and drugstore mascara. Maybe because it is because I am super lazy in the morning or because my skin is actually cooperating and doesn’t need much makeup. This is a big deal because I have been wearing heavy face makeup since high school to cover up any blemishes or my uneven skin tone. The summer months when I have a natural tan are the only time I could get away with a makeup-free face without feeling self-conscious. Even in my mid-twenties, I still suffer from the occasional break outs. My skincare has always been a science experiment trying to find the best products out there that will keep my skin looking clear and healthy.

At least once a week, I have been doing a face mask before bed and I think it is the reason why my skin has looked so good the last few weeks. Like a lot of girls, I have a drawer full of different face masks that I purchased over time and then forgot about. Since I always forget about them, I moved my Formula 10.06 face mask to the cabinet above my sink so now I see it more often. It reminds me to do a face mask once or twice a week now. When I get home from work, I try to go to the gym or relax a bit before I shower and go to bed. I apply a face mask 10 minutes before getting in the shower and straighten up my bathroom or put dirty clothes in my hamper. If I do wear face make up that day, I apply a face mask after my shower and let it dry while I put on body lotion and get into pajamas. Once I created a daily routine, it got a lot easier to commit to my skincare routine.


This post contains affiliate links that help support the blog financially.

Pores Be Pure, Skin clarifying mud mask // This was the first Formula 10.06 product I ever purchased and I love how soft my skin feels after I use it! This skin refining mask unclogs my pores and instantly makes my complexion more even.

Be Berry Awake, Energizing peel mask // After using half of the Pores Be Pure mask and falling in love with it, I wanted to try other products from Formula 10.06. I picked up this peel mask for those days that my skin is rough to get rid of my dead skin and immediately fell in love with how my skin felt after I used it.

Be Berry Fresh, balancing mud mask // For those really bad skin days, I use the Be Berry Fresh mud mask because it works best for troublesome skin. My face smells like berries and calms my breakouts and blemishes.

I loved seeing how quickly after one use my face went from dull and textured to glowing and dewy. I have only tried three of the face masks so far even though there are so many Formula 10.06 products to try! The size of the face masks are perfect for storing on my shelf above my sink and I love all of the colors. The smell alone is enough reason to try and collect them all!


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