Friday Favorites 6.25

Hi Friends! After a vacation to North Carolina to spend a few weeks with my parents, I am excited to be back to work in Philly. It was so nice to be in warm weather and lay out by the pool, reading magazines and doing some laps in the pool. We had cousin camp so every day was a new theme of meals and activities to do with my family. We were all joking that by the end, we all needed a vacation because we were tired from so much fun. Summer is in full swing here in the city and Jake and I are busy scheduling some fun things to do in the next few weeks. I love summer and the warm weather so so much! We were only gone for two weeks but the weeds took over our backyard, so I spent a few days getting the yard back in shape. I love our backyard and I try to lay out and read on the grass everyday. I’m sure we will have dinner outside at least once this weekend. Happy weekend! Hope you all have some fun and enjoy the nice weather.

After two weeks with no time to watch tv, I’ve been trying to catch up on my shows. This week during lunch, I’ll watch an episode of the Real Housewives. I am so behind so it’s a nice excuse to get cozy on the couch and catch up with all of the drama.

Last night while Jake was playing video games, I watched the Kardashian reunion with Andy Cohen.  I have to say I wish we had more of these reunions during the Kardashian franchise. I loved his questions and the insight on the series after all of these years. Finally sat down and watched Housewife and the Hustler yesterday and was texting my friend the whole time because the show was full of very interesting information we did not know before.

Jake and I just finished season 4 of Dexter and since I already saw this show a few times, it was interesting to watch Jake watch that very dramatic season finale. I swear he just sat there in shock with big eyes because he did not see that coming!

When I was packing my suitcase for two weeks at my parents house, I had to be very intentional about what I was going to bring with me. With a shorter trip, I can just bring the basics and sometimes my skincare routine will be lacking but it’s only for a few days. But with two weeks away from all of my products, I knew I needed to bring the right products to keep my hair and skin healthy. 

I picked ups some more faux florals to use in vases around my house. Buy them once and they look good forever!

I saw this wood tray all over Instagram and I just needed to have it! I’m still working on styling it in the kitchen but it is great for decorating on my kitchen counter and then for serving at a dinner party.

Hobby Lobby’s spring shop is 50% off so I went to just browse and walked out with such pretty artwork under $10 for the house. We also picked up some cute new plastic plates for outside and some hand towels because I can never have enough!

Ordered this new bikini for our cruise in August and wore it around the pool last week. It’s a bit itsy bitsy but will be fun to wear on our trip!

I’ve had these books in my shopping cart since forever and finally hit the check out button when I saw them on sale.

Now that our social calendars are getting a little busy, now is the time to pick up a few dresses for easy outfits. Rounded up a few cute options here.

Picked up Chipotle for dinner on Tuesday night while running errands and got the veggie bowl. I’m trying to eat healthy after being on vacation for two weeks and eating non stop.

Highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner line if you plan on doing a lot of swimming and washing your hair this summer. I used it while on vacation and I swear it saved my hair from getting dry and brittle with all of the chlorine and washing.

Miss having my morning coffee by the pool every morning but now i get to have it with Ed in the backyard. It’s fun to watch him chase the birds.


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