Winter Blues

I will start off by saying that I like many people suffer from seasonal depression. Even though I prepare for it every winter and I know it is coming, it still takes all of the energy out of me. It gets darker earlier and I lose all motivation to really do anything after work. I get puzzled why I am in this funk and try to do everything I can to keep chugging along until Spring arrives.

The last few weeks and even months have been a bit difficult for me. With my lack of motivation I also lost all energy to do anything. After work I have been trying to enjoy my evenings, but I get home from work so late so it is usually dinner on the couch and lots of Netflix.

Maybe it is because of the new year starting, but I am starting to get some motivation to fight off the winter blues. January is always a weird month because after a busy holiday season there isn’t much to do. I would walk around the city in December looking at Christmas trees and decorations. Since I love lists, I made a list of things to do this month to fight off the winter blues. For the days I am feeling bleh and it is cold outside, here are a few things I can do and will hopefully work for you!

Go to the gym

I have a gym in my apartment building so I have zero excuses why I don’t go every day. This is something I hope to do more of the next few months!

Take the long way home

I dread walking from the train station to my apartment, but like a plant, I need my daily dose of fresh air and sunshine! When I get out of work there is no sunshine, but I plan on taking a long way home once a few days a week to get some more steps in and get some fresh air.

Actually read the books in my bookcase

I have been collecting books for a while now to read and most go unread! My plan is to set an alarm each night of when to get into bed and when to turn off the tv and actually read. This way it will hold me accountable and I can’t lose track of time and “forget to read”.

Eat dinner every night

Most people in the new year will make resolutions to eat more healthy. My first goal is to actually start eating dinner again. There are too many nights that I try to get away with eating cereal for dinner and I am hungry a few hours later. I recently went food shopping and stocked my fridge and pantry with easy to make meals so let’s hope I start eating real meals in 2019!

Make plans

I suck at socializing because I just don’t make plans with my friends. This year I hope to start scheduling dinner after work with a friend or get coffee on the weekends. If it is in my planner then I have something to look forward to that week.

Take care of yourself

When I get into a funk, I usually just sit on the couch curled up under a blanket and watch tv for hours. After work, I should actually use that time to do a face mask or straighten my hair before bed. Little steps to pamper yourself can greatly improve your mood!

A clean home means a happier you

I cannot tell you how much better I feel when my apartment is clean. There are some nights that I will stay up late to tackle that pile of clothes or clean my kitchen. It is so nice to wake up and everything is put away and when I come home from work I am not tripping over anything!


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