My Favorite Winter Coats

I need to admit something and hopefully, this blog is a safe place to say this. My name is Rosie and I have a coat problem. I love coats and cannot stop buying them even though my coat closet is overflowing with them right now. Why do I have so many? Because after Christmas, coats go on sale, drastically go on sale and I cannot say no to a deal like that. My coat closet has a good collection of J. Crew and J. Crew Factory coats after purchasing one (or two!) a year the last few years. The quality is amazing and I know that I will wear them for years. Also, can we talk about how cute they are and how they come in so many colors?? So, friends, I am sharing one of my dark secrets. If you ever come over to my apartment, be sure to never open my coat closet door or an avalanche of coats will fall on top of you!

If you are realizing that winter is nowhere close to ending and would like to purchase a new coat, I highly suggest buying one now when stores are getting rid of their inventory to make room for their spring collection. Below are some of my favorite coats in my closet that gets worn again and again!

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Topcoat // Can’t go wrong with a classic topcoat!
City Coat // This coat comes out in so many pretty colors every season. When this color went to clearance I immediately ordered it because I knew it would sell out quickly!
Parka // I have this coat in red for the holidays and black because it looks so chic on! This is the classic J. Crew coat that will never go out of style.
City Coat ( similar coat) // If you buy one coat, I highly suggest getting the City Coat in camel. It goes with everything and it’s a nice change from wearing a black coat all winter long. It is light enough to wear in the fall and early spring but warm enough to wear in the winter too!

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