The Where to Eat + Play in Philadelphia Guide

One of the best parts about moving to a city is having the option of so many different places to choose from when it comes to eating, grabbing a drink, sightseeing and shopping. There are so many places I have written down on my phone of restaurants I want to go to or bars to get a fancy cocktail. I am getting better at trying a new coffee shop instead of going to the traditional Starbucks on weekends. Since I am horrible at coming up with plans when someone asks me where we should go, I thought I would make everything easier by dedicating an entire blog post for everyone (especially me!) to refer to when wanting to go out in Philly. My plan is to keep updating this blog post as I get better acquainted with the city and explore new places. I always see people Instagramming their meal at a restaurant and I screenshot it so I remember to try it out in the future. Hopefully, you can use this guide and it is helpful for you!

The places listed with a * next to them are places I have been to and recommend! The others are on my list to try! One of the ways I find new places to eat is by using the Explore feature on Instagram, so I thought it would be helpful to link my recommendations to Instagram to get more information about each place.











Walking Around

  • Art Museum
  • Rittenhouse Square

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