Staying Cozy with my Winter Bedding

While cleaning my room today, I realized that I never shared photos of my winter bedroom. Back in November, I purchased new bedding and I have been obsessed! My bedroom is my favorite room in my house and I spend as much time as I can in bed hanging out. It is where I write most of my blog posts and I will watch Netflix at night after work.

After graduating from college, I wanted this room in the house to be where I could get away and relax. Living at home after college this many years later, I wanted my bedroom to feel like an adult bedroom rather than my childhood bedroom. I have purged most of the clutter in my bedroom and try to keep it as minimalist as I can. I finally was able to throw out my old childhood furniture and I have invested in some other pieces since then. I have my eyes on this dresser, but have been using two bedside tables I got at Goodwill. Seriously, if you want inexpensive furniture definitely check out Goodwill. I have found a lot of Pottery Barn dishes, decor and furniture hiding in there.

I got flannel sheets for Christmas last year, however when I saw these during the Black Friday sale I knew I needed them for my Christmas bedding. If you are looking into sprucing up your bedroom for the new year or want to renovate your bedroom, the first and most inexpensive step is by investing in new bedding. Even if it is just from Target, a new duvet and throw pillows go a long way! I ordered a new headboard from Overstock that was around $100, here is a similar one because I cannot find my exact one but there are so many options for any budget.


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