crazy for camel

crazy for camel

The color for fall is camel and I am crazy for camel! Bring out the fall leaves, PSL’s and cozy sweaters because I am officially ready for fall!

sweater blazer / booties / scarf / corduroy skirt / watch / sidewalk skirt / sweater / necklace / bracelet / bag


cozy fall sweater


After almost a week of bed rest after surgery, I was excited to get back to work! You would think that laying in bed watching Netflix all day would be fun, but after day 3 I was kind of bored. The weather over night turned to fall. We had some rare warm days leading up to November, but now I can finally start wearing my sweaters to work.

For my first day back at work I wanted to wear something comfortable. I worked a shift at J. Crew and had multiple people buy my outfit because they liked it so much. I love that not much thought has to go into a look like this, but with the right accessories it looks chic and work appropriate.


fall sweater weather


blanket scarves and brunch


I love Sunday Brunch and lately I have been doing a lot of brunching the last few weeks! Now that I am back to work, I realize how valuable time off is. I feel tired all of the time, but I’d rather drag my butt out of bed and enjoy the day instead of sleep through the day when I get a day off of work. This past Sunday was my only day off that week since I’m working two part jobs and trying to get as many hours as I can at each job. I was planning to sleep late, but last minute we had some family driving through our state so we made plans for Sunday brunch. I woke up at 8am on a Sunday even though I wanted to roll over and go back to bed! I wanted to look cute for family and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch to get me started for the day so waking up earlier than planned was a must. We decided to go to McCloones in Asbury Park for brunch because it’s right on the ocean and our family is from Ohio so they don’t see the beach often.

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Hello September!

Can you believe we are already talking about fall? This summer flew by, but was filled with wonderful weather and great beach days. I love summer, but I cannot wait to start dressing in layers and decorating the house. This summer I have been wearing Lilly and bright colors everyday. I am craving cozy cashmere sweater weather! I wore pants this past week for the first time since May and my legs broke out in rashes all over. Even my body is rejecting cooler weather months! This fall brings changes in weather, wardrobe and our personal lives. This fall starts a new chapter for me and I hope for you too! Go get yourself a PSL and enjoy the change in leaves and weather. Continue reading “Hello September!”