fall essentials

I cannot believe it is November and winter is on it’s way. This weather has been confusing, and with cold weather is here to stay my body is very confused! My wardrobe changes for this chilly weather season as well as the products I use daily. I thought it would be fun to share some of the products that I cannot live without when it is cold outside.

EOS Chapstick If there is one item I need in my purse with me at all times is chapstick. The minute it gets a bit chilly outside, I feel like I need to apply chapstick a million times a day. I love to carry an EOS with me at all times.  I have one in my car, in my purse and next to my bed. There is nothing worse than having chapped lips and not having anything nearby.

Lotion When I get out of the shower, all I want to do is throw on my cozy pajamas to warm up. I started to keep my lotion in my bathroom under the sink cabinet so when I get out of the shower I can immediately put it on. I also will lather up when I know I am going to wear a skirt that day so my skin doesn’t look so dry.

Cozy Pajamas I have so many pajamas right now that it has turned into a problem. However, every year I will get a new set of pajamas from Victoria’s Secret. I know it seems silly, but after a long day at work I love to put on cute pajamas that match. Previously, I threw out all of my worn out and old pajamas and only kept my cute ones. It makes me so happy to get into bed with cute pajamas on.

Moisturizing Body Wash I love how my skin glows in the summer, but during the chilly weather my skin gets very little vitamin D. I love to use Dove body wash in the shower with a loofah to exfoliate. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth! I even replaced my shaving cream with the dove body wash because it helped exfoliate and keep my legs smooth post shave.

A good coffee cup Every girl loves a good Starbucks coffee! To save a few dollars a day, I will buy a cute Starbucks thermos to drink my Keurig made coffee in. The Starbucks cups are soo cute so they also make cute gifts for your girlfriends.

blanket scarf It is a scarf…and a blanket! I have really been into ponchos lately and a blanket scarf adds a little something to an outfit. I am always cold at work, so I love to have the extra layer to keep me warm.

camp socks You cannot just have one pair of these! I recently bought a few more when they were on sale at J.Crew because they are so cozy!

a good candle I like to have a candle in every room because I love how my whole house fills up with a scent. In the fall I will use my Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works and in the winter I use my Balsam candle. My whole house smells like a Christmas tree I love it!

Slippers This year I am going to purchase another pair of slippers because at the end of each winter mine are so worn out. I have my eyes on some UGG slippers and some from J. Crew.


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