fall front porch


When I say my entire house is under construction, I am not kidding! On the first floor we have completed demolition work in our dining and living room, just waiting now for new walls to go up. Our old tv room is filled with boxes of our personal items boxed up to make room for the construction workers and rooms taped off with plastic to keep the plaster and dust contained. On our second floor, my parents walk in closet, literally a bedroom that wasn’t being used is being turned into a closet and their bathroom is in the middle of drywall installation! Even my floor has new blinds installed and a new porch door being put on. My mom and I decorated for fall inside the house in early October, but now with the construction, everything is sitting in its box again.

From the outside, you cannot tell we have construction work being done inside the house. We tried our hardest to add some fall decor outside to brighten the place up! I just got off of the phone and we have new front steps being installed shortly, when we do home renovations, we like to do everything at one time!


I had a rare day off of work, so I dragged my parents to Casola farms to get some pumpkins and mums. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and even though summer will always have my heart, I just love decorating for fall. I had to stop myself from buying more mums because I just love the look of fresh flowers. We spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch and I acted like a five year old with my parents just goofing off.
I am sure more pumpkins will be added to the front steps, but here is a first look at our front porch!




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