blanket scarves and brunch


I love Sunday Brunch and lately I have been doing a lot of brunching the last few weeks! Now that I am back to work, I realize how valuable time off is. I feel tired all of the time, but I’d rather drag my butt out of bed and enjoy the day instead of sleep through the day when I get a day off of work. This past Sunday was my only day off that week since I’m working two part jobs and trying to get as many hours as I can at each job. I was planning to sleep late, but last minute we had some family driving through our state so we made plans for Sunday brunch. I woke up at 8am on a Sunday even though I wanted to roll over and go back to bed! I wanted to look cute for family and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch to get me started for the day so waking up earlier than planned was a must. We decided to go to McCloones in Asbury Park for brunch because it’s right on the ocean and our family is from Ohio so they don’t see the beach often.

Since working at J. Crew, I have been wearing it everyday even when I am not at work. It was a beautiful fall day, but a bit chilly since it is finally fall around here! I wanted to look cute but bundle up since we were having brunch on the boardwalk, so I wore my J. Crew cashmere turtle neck and a blanket scarf with jeans and boots. I looooove cashmere and kept this sweater on all day even when I had to run out for a few errands later that day. If you have to buy one thing at J. Crew, it should be there cashmere.  It’s old, but J. Crew has a similar one HERE. Being a 90s kid, I grew up wearing turtlenecks and overalls, but always hated it when my mom picked out a turtleneck for me to wear. Now that I am an adult, I have finally started to warm up to them! They are warmer and make a more tailored outfit than just a regular sweater. The blanket scarf is only $7 and can be found at Target in the dollar bin! Some stores still have their fall stuff out, but hurry because they will not last long. It’s fall so this red lipstick will be used very frequently! I get so pale in the winter, so sometimes I need a pop of color to look awake!How cute is this coffee mug?! I went to Marshalls to browse one day and it needed to come home with me! Since the weather was so nice on Sunday, we walked around Asbury and I got to show my parents the lobby of the new Asbury hotel. It’s a boutique hotel that just took over the old Salvation Army building earlier this summer and it’s what Asbury has been missing! It brings more of a city feel to the town that I know they have been trying to build over the last few years. 

Unfortunately, it was still to early in the morning to grab a drink, but we will definitely be coming back soon for a mother/daughter night!

Outfit Details
Sweater (similiar) / Blanket Scarf  / Purse (last season Coach) / Jeans / Boots / Sunglasses

blanket scarves


(click photo to see details)


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