Cute $15 Dress from Target

One of our first things we did with our new car was to go to Target and walk up and down every single aisle. Kudos to Jacob for being so patient while we shopped! We walked in with a list and somehow we walked out with way more things than we planned on getting. As an impulse buy I grabbed this cute dress I saw because it was only $15 and just thought it would be an easy summer dress to throw on. Right away I loved the way it looked when I got home and tried it on. I loved the ruffle hem on the bottom and was easy to throw on for errands. I’d recommend sizing down because the hem flares out. I’m wearing an XS and right now I’m usually a small/medium.


dress // sandals // jean jacket // straw tote (similar)


dress for fall

September has shown us some crazy weather in Jersey lately. With the hurricanes hitting Florida and Texas, we have been getting the strong winds, rain and chilly cold front the last few weeks. Then the next day it is in the 80s and I have no clue what to wear. Early September, I packed up all of my Lilly Pulitzer, summer tanks and shorts because it was feeling like fall.

I recently purchased this dress because it is a great fall transition dress. I wore it to work last week with my brown cardigan and was able to take off the cardigan when the weather got hot again later that day. This weather has been so bipolar lately I really don’t know how to dress! I plan to wear it throughout the fall and pair it with tights so I can wear it in the winter. Last week I wore my Tory Burch Miller Sandals and plan to wear it with my brown flats later in the fall.

Right now it is on sale with another 50% off, while students and teachers get another 15% off! I have a feeling this dress is going to be worn weekly because it is so easy to throw on and wear it to work.


dress // bag // shoes

It’s not about the dress you wear but the life you lead in the dress

dress / shoes / necklace (old from J. Crew Factory)

Good morning, everyone! Working two jobs with very different schedules really messes with my sleep schedule. At one job, I often work until 10pm and then for my other job I have to be in the office an hour away by 9am. Luckily, I have it worked out with my boss that I can make my own schedule and clock in when I want as long as I get all of my work done. (Thanks, Tara!)

Most mornings, I sleep through my alarm and have to rush out of the house to get to the office. Yesterday morning, I once again slept through my alarm, grabbed this dress from my closet and ran out the door. One of the reasons I love summer is because I can wear cute dresses everyday. Most days I just throw on a dress, wear my Jack Rogers or Tory Burch Miller Sandals with a statement necklace and poof, it’s an outfit!

I recently bought this dress from The Loft and now it is on major sale! It is super comfortable and soft so it feels like I am wearing pajamas to work. It is office appropriate, but I can also wear it as a beach cover up or a simple day dress. Best part is… did I mention it has pockets?!?

I had a dozen people ask about this dress when I wore it to work yesterday and it is a must have for summer!

spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

After our heat wave in New Jersey on Easter, the weather has been cold and rainy for weeks! All of my spring dresses have been collecting dust in my closet because we had 60 degree weather making it not dress weather. On Sunday, it finally was warm enough to wear one of my new dresses from the Loft sale I got back in April. Unfortunately, it is sold out online, but it wouldn’t hurt to look in store! I did find a similar one here from Loft. Same dress, just sleeveless!


I wore it to work and all day I had strangers complimenting me on it. I wish I had post its on me so I could just give them the link to this dress because everyone wanted to know where I got it. A bit awkward when you are working at J. Crew and everyone wants to know where in the store your dress is ha!

This dress from the Loft was definitely worth every penny because it is super comfortable, but looks a little dressy too.

Get the full look here: