Amazing Coats You Need To Invest In Now

We had a very warm fall the last few weeks and literally overnight fall showed up. Today on the blog I am sharing amazing coats you can buy right now. What I like about coats is that even though they can be a bit pricey, they last for many seasons and are worth the investment. Being an adult (ha!), I decided to start investing more in my outerwear. I purged my pink North Face, and started to invest in classic winter coats.

When fall rolls around at J. Crew and their winter wear comes out – they never go wrong. Their winter coats are classics, and I can promise that they are worth every penny. J. Crew keeps their coats classic and leave room for layering and accessorizing with scarves, hats, and more! J. Crew just got their coats in and I can promise that you neeeed one of these coats.

I wasn’t planning on buying a coat this early in the cold weather season, but when this coat went on sale I knew I needed to buy it! I had my eyes on this camel coat last year, but decided to get the parka instead. While I was trying it on in the store, I had three other people see me and also purchase it because it looks good on everyone! It is a dressier coat because it has straight lines and no hood. I like to wear it open with a big scarf and have it be flowy because it is flowy. It also looks really nice while zippered up. Cannot wait to wear this one a lot this winter season!

Last year, I purchased this one when it was on sale and I know it is a coat I will have in my closet forever. This year, I purchased this one  in camel and cannot stop wearing it for fall. Right now I cannot find the red one and I am hoping they did not discontinue it because it was so classic for the holiday season. Since it hurts my soul a bit to spend this much money on a coat, I decided to purchase one coat a winter so over time I can invest in my closet, but not hurt my bank account that much.img_3393img_3395

J.Crew does not just make a coat, they make a statement piece with special details, beautiful lining and a classic fit. It is the last thing you throw on when you go out the door and something you will wear daily, so be sure to invest in a coat that you love!


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