My Favorite Products of 2019

This year there was a lot of change for me, a new home, a new job, and new products I have fallen in love with and use daily. It seems that as I get older, I get more and more excited about the convenient everyday things over the newest clothing trends. With the move, I got rid of a lot and asked myself if I really needed it at the new house. I went from a 700 square foot apartment to a two-story house with a full basement and I ended up parting with a lot more than I thought. Even while unpacking, I struggled to find space for everything and got rid of more stuff. The items that I purchased in 2019 are items that brought value into my life and didn’t just sit on the shelf. I hope to continue this minimalism into 2020 and continue to purge and be more intentional about the purchases I make moving forward.


Dyson Cordless Vacuum // This is a very recent purchase but it took me the entire year to actually purchase one because I debated if it really was worth the hype. The verdict was one hundred yes! It has made my life so much easier and our home so much cleaner. I talked more about the vacuum in this blog post.

Kitchen Mat // Okay, so this sounds a bit ridiculous and a clear sign that I am becoming an adult, but Jake bought me a lemon themed mat for the kitchen when we first moved into the house and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s nice to have a mat under my feet while I do the dishes at night or do my meal prep. It also ties in the kitchen a bit more and it’s machine wash friendly!

T3 Hair Curling Iron // I recently purchased this hair curler for an amazing price at Costco and brought it with me to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. We were all rushing to get ready to go to dinner one day and I had 10 minutes to do my hair and makeup. Even with my thick, long and frizzy hair, it only took me a few minutes to add some curls and be ready to go. They even last until I showered the day without hairspray. In the past, I would buy so many inexpensive hair products for the price but they wouldn’t do what I needed so they would just go unused. As I get older with more money to spend, I would rather buy the product once and have it work and last for years!

Aluminum Free Deodorant // I talked a bit about my own personal reasons for going to an aluminum-free deodorant in this blog post, and it’s one of the easiest changes I have made. It was a bit of an adjustment to get used to because it’s a different formula than I am used to but the more I thought about the chemicals in my previous deodorant made me happy that I made the change!

Olay Night Cream // It was one of those impulse buys at Target and I’m happy that 2019 is the year that I am taking my skincare seriously. I talked about why you need a night cream in this blog post in case you need some motivation to add it to your skincare routine. I keep it out on my vanity next to my bed so it takes two seconds to apply it before I collapse into bed!

Marc Fisher Caitlin Pumps // These shoes were so good that I bought them twice! They are my go-to heel to wear at work because they look good with everything and I look a little more dressed up whenever I have meetings. During the move, I donated most of my shoes because I just didn’t have space and only kept shoes that work for what I need. I just noticed that there are a few new colors of these heels that I really like so I’m sure I will be adding a few more of these to my shoe collection in 2020! They were featured in this blog post.

Simplified Planner // While a lot of people are moving to digital calendars and reminders to keep track of things, I still cling onto my paper version! A few years ago, I started to keep ticket stubs, paper mementos, and dates of special occasions taped in my planners so I can keep them as a way to keep all of my memories of that year in one place. I did a full review of the Simplified Planner in this blog post.

The Grove Collaborative Subscription // I’m sure you have seen the ads for the company The Grove Collaborative that sends cleaning products to your door. After our move, I decided to try it out and wow, I was impressed with the selection and how easy it was to order what I need, and didn’t know that I needed, right to my door! I talked about my experience with The Grove Collaborative Subscription service in this blog post.


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