My Experience with Natural Deodorant

My decision to switch over to natural decision is because my mom told me to and honestly, isn’t that the best answer? LOL! My mom had finished up at a doctor’s appointment and called me to tell me that at every doctors appointment she goes to, the doctor asks what deodorant she uses. Isn’t that a bizarre question to ask again and again? One would think so but there is a lot of science backing up the persistent questioning. My mom called me that day to tell me to throw out my deodorant and switch to a natural one because it wouldn’t have aluminum in it. There is a lot of information out there about the pros and the cons along with the recent trends of using natural deodorant. But this became personal for me because it is an easy product swap for me that I know I will appreciate that I did down the road.

I’m that weird person that has more than one deodorant – one at work, one in the bathroom, one for traveling and one in my car. All different brands but all of them had one thing in common – aluminum. Some research suggests that aluminum may contribute to the development of breast cancer. After all, it is a chemical that we put on our body directly every day for basically our entire life. Whether you believe in this research or not, what is the harm of using an aluminum free deodorant? For me, it was a personal choice and it brought me some peace with the current situation in my family right now. I haven’t shared it on the blog or told many people, but if using another product decreases my chances of breast cancer, I’m gonna do it.

Some of my thoughts while using schmidt’s natural deodorant so far…

You still can sweat… It can be confusing but antiperspirant and deodorant are two different things. Aluminum is in antiperspirant and that is what prevents us from sweating. I have a pretty good walk to the train station every morning and have to walk quickly if I am running late which then causes me to sweat. It’s been weird feeling sweaty because it’s not something I experienced before.

Sweat stains are real…. So now that I’m sweating, I’ve noticed some sweat stains on my white tops. For days that I wear white to work, I admit that I use my old Dove deodorant to prevent sweat stains. I have a large pile of laundry right now with a few sweat stained tops so we will have to see how easily everything washes.

I check if I smell…. again, I’m now sweating again so now I constantly check to see if I smell. I keep a small bottle of perfume at my desk so as an extra precaution I will spray myself once I get to the office. I’m told I don’t smell but I still worry.

I can tell there’s less chemicals in my natural deodorant…. from the way that it looks to the way that it glides. Which only confirms that I made the right decision of switching over to a product with less chemicals.


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