How I Use My Emily Ley Simplified Planner


Write down when bills are due.
Sponsored content for the blog deadlines.
Scheduled blog posts.
Work events like jeans day and payday.
Include appointments. Fill in holidays and birthdays so you don’t forget to send a card!


Schedule when to take photos for the blog.
Write down commitments to go to the gym.
Make note of what errands can be done after work and errands to run over the weekend. Schedule time for self-care, for example, manicures, wash your hair and nighty skincare routine. 

I keep my planner at my desk at work since I spend the majority of my time of the week there. On Fridays, I look quickly to see what I have going on during the weekend and put down my errands that need to be run on post it that I keep on the back of my phone. I will also check to see if any birthdays or anniversaries are coming up so I can send a card on time.

On Monday morning, I fill out my planner for the week so I am prepped and ready for the week ahead. I love my Emily Ley Simplified Planner because every day has a to-do list making it easy to write down things to do. I keep my personal to-do list at the top of the list and write down blog things on the bottom to keep things organized. In the notes section on the bottom of each daily page, I write down the blog posts that are scheduled for each day to remind me to finish writing them. A lot of work goes into each post and I always have the post written and it’s missing photos or I started a blog post and never finished!

I honestly do not know how I would live without my planner and to do lists! This is my first year using the Simplified Planner and after just a few days of using it this year, my life is a lot more simplified!


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