Comfortable Work Shoes at DSW

marc fisher caitlin pumps

New job means new shoes right? After a few weeks at my new job I’ve been wanting to get new shoes that I can wear to work. Of course they have to look cute but they also have to comfortable while I run around at work all day. Seriously, my Fitbit tracks close to 10,000 steps a day because I am always on the move. I wanted to get a heel that wouldn’t make my feet hurt after 20 minutes of wearing them. Luckily I found a pair of the Caitlin pumps by Marc Fisher. A part of me bought them because they were pink (duhh) but also because they have a blocked heel. After wearing them for a few days I can say that that these are the most comfortable shoes I own! I’ll be heading back to DSW shortly to pick up a few more pairs of these in different colors because the price point is also amazing! Like the saying goes, if the shoe fits (and is comfortable), buy it in every color!


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