Our Entryway

The unpacking process is taking way longer than I thought it would but I keep telling myself to enjoy the process and that it will all get done! I really like to have a clean, minimalist look and with everything to have a home. Before we purchased anything for the house, we started to unpack and use the furniture and items that we had. Then we made a list of areas that needed some extra TLC and what storage solutions were needed. One area that was being neglected was our entryway. There is a little foyer that is really practical and had so much potential! The space was small but I knew we could get creative to make it functional. After a few months of forgetting where I put my keys, piles of mail on our coffee table and forgetting to bring something to work, I decided we needed a system for a drop zone.

I already had the magazine holder which was perfect for keeping our mail and important papers but I wanted to get hooks for keys and such. I spent what felt like forever trying to find a cute and practical solution. Luckily, I was able to find this key organizer on Amazon and it has been great at keeping our items organized and prevent it from getting chaotic! I like to keep my keys, train pass, umbrella and headphones – literally anything that I may forget to bring with me on the hook so I can remember to grab them before I leave. It’s a small space to finish decorating but it makes us one step closer to finally being settled into our new home!


wall mount key holder // similar magazine rack (mine is from Homegoods)


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