friday favorites

Before you buy a succulent, read this.

Very interesting article about young people pretending to love work.

One of my goals this year was to listen to more podcasts on my way to work. I listen to Pod Saves America to get my news for the day. When I need a break from the news, I recently started to listen to the Goop podcast and have found it to be very inspiring.

Still obsessed with my planner and use it to keep my weekly goals in check. Is anyone else weird and writes down the days they wash their hair or when to wash their sheets? I would be lost without my planner!

Happy Friday, friends!! What an exhausting week/month it has been! January always seems to drag on forever and this week was especially a long one. I was up bright and early on Saturday morning to go into work for an event. The extra boost in my paycheck will be nice and I don’t mind working extra hours, but that early alarm going off on my day off was a struggle! Sunday was a rushed day of errands and I felt like I just didn’t get my week in order ahead of time like I usually do. After I started to meal prep on Sundays, my weeks got a lot easier and this week was a struggle because I just never had the time to catch up.

On Monday after work, I went to the gym and was hoping I could keep it up all week but with the cold weather, I let myself be lazy and watch tv on the couch the rest of the week. Sometimes we just need those lazy weeks and this was definitely one of them! Wednesday is our usual date night, but we chose to order in and watch a movie on the couch. A few weeks ago, someone asked me how my relationship was going. It is still a bit weird to think I have a boyfriend because relationships were never this easy in the past. The best way to sum up Jake and I is that he’s my favorite person to do everything and nothing with. On Thursday, I stayed up past my bedtime to finish watching Dirty John because I needed to know how it ended. So good! Friday will be a slow day at work and I’ll be heading to Jake’s apartment for dinner. We are making tacos and watching Netflix while the polar vortex keeps us indoors. We have plans to see a movie on Saturday and then I am cleaning my apartment because I tried Marie Kondo-ing it so now I have piles of junk everywhere! Trying to make some last minute plans for a Superbowl party so I need to get my apartment in order for guests!

What I’m Watching

I have been spending a lot of time on my couch this week because of the below zero temperatures. During the week, I try to plan to do things after work even if it’s errands or going out to dinner but this week I spent my evenings on my couch! I took this time to binge watch Dirty John because I kept hearing so many good things. After the first episode, I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching!!!

Products I’m Loving

Earlier this week, I talked about a new conditioner I have been using lately. You can read all about my thoughts and get a coupon for the Elvive Rapid Revive Conditioner here. With the cold weather, I haven’t had much effort to do my hair and makeup. The last thing I wanted to do was wash my hair so I have been using my favorite Batiste dry shampoo to get me through the week.

What I’m Loving

Loving this pullover with a collar making it the perfect top to wear during this cold weather!

This eyelet bathing suit is amazing!

I’ve had my eyes on this top for a fun Valentine’s Day outfit.

This top sold out real fast last summer and I am so happy to see it back in stock! *adds to cart*

Would love this rug for an outdoor space one day!

I’ve been using these containers to meal prep for the week.

I love my bed and blame my flannel bedding for hitting the snooze button on my alarm. I talked about my winter bedding in this blog post last week.


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