Let’s Talk Hair

Good morning!

Today I am sharing my hair care routine on the blog and what products I use. My hair is one of my favorite things, but it is also one of the biggest pain in the butt! I have thick, course hair that air dries awkwardly wavy. The last two years I have had a membership to a hair salon. With a small monthly fee, I get unlimited amount of color, cut and blow outs. And for a girl like me who loves her hair, this is the greatest membership ever!

My bathroom is filled with hair products that I use once in a while and ones I use everyday. I love my hair, but I try to spend little time on it now that I like to go to bed early and I don’t want to spend valuable sleep time in the morning fussing with it.

My hair routine drastically changed when I chopped off 13 inches of hair for Locks for Love back in October 2015. I’ve had short hair for a year and it will take a lot of convincing to go back to long hair. In college, I would have to schedule in my planner to wash my hair because it took that much commitment and energy to do!

Now with short hair, I like to have it air dry for a bit before I use any heat. When I force heat on it when I first get out of the shower it gets difficult to control the frizz. The girls at my hair salon are angels and I only trust them with my hair now. The other day I went in for a haircut and she refused to cut it because my hair wasn’t ready for a cut. Right now my hair is in an awkward stage because I am growing out my bob to shoulder length hair. For my hair to air dry and not not look like a disaster, the girls gave me a cut that will air dry well. They are professionals and are artists when it comes to highlights!

My Hair Routine

The girls at my hair salon introduced me to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum because every time I would leave the salon my hair looked so polish. I asked them how they made my blowout look so good and they said this product was it! A raindrop amount of product is all you need so my bottle has lasted me forever. I will put it on while my hair is still wet or use it sparingly after straightening my hair to tame the frizz and give it some shine.

Recently, Influenster sent me a few products from Not Your Mothers and the Leave In Conditioner is my new go to post shower.

A few sprays while my hair is still wet and I let it air dry. Then I straighten it with a round brush using my Chi hair straightener I have had since high school. It squeaks but it still works!

With the humidity this summer my hair has had many bad hair days. Since I had short hair this summer, there wasn’t much I could do with that since it was too short to put up. When my hair fell flat, I was grateful to have a thickening spray. With a few sprays it brought some life into my hair.

I recently bought on my own Not Your Mothers Beach Babe shampoo because I loved the name of it! My hair feels so clean and bouncy after using it.

I still swear by Loreal Elnet Satin Hairspray and Batiste dry shampoo are my hair must haves! Batiste makes a dry shampoo for blondes and brunettes that gives a hint of color which is a lifesaver in between hair appointments! Batiste is the only dry shampoo I have found that actually makes my hair look and feel clean. I get mine at TJMaxx for half the price you buy it anywhere else.
The Loreal Hairspray gives my hair a nice hold without being helmet head! For years at my ballet recitals, the moms would spray so much Aqua Net onto my hair that it would take a weeks worth of showers to get all of the product out.


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