Friday Favorites

friday favorites



I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I would start again with sharing some of my recent favorite things! Keep reading to see what I picked and what is on sale right now.

Pottery Barn Throw Blanket This blanket is regularly $130 and each year I drool over it in the Pottery Barn catalog. So when I did some after Christmas shopping and saw it on major sale for $40, I knew it was coming home with me! Now some people have said, okay but why would you spend a ridiculous amount of money on a blanket? I had one friend touch it and they agreed, it was totally worth it! (Just wait for it to go on sale!)

Round Gold Mirror I have seen this mirror everywhere! First at West Elm then it made its way to Target where it was still more than I wanted to spend on a mirror. I recently found a smaller version of it in the Dollar Section at Target for $5 and bought two! Run to Target because you need this West Elm mirror duplicate in your life! Similar here, here and here.

Pottery Barn Trunk My aunt recently sold her house in Jersey and moved full time to Chicago. In January she visited Jersey to do one last clean out of her storage locker and I got to inherit her Pottery Barn trunk she has had for years. She jokes she has had this trunk before Pottery Barn called itself Pottery Barn because it was one of their original pieces. It is not the one in the photo above, but it’s this ginormous trunk on wheels that is light wood colored. I finally was able to bring it from the basement to my bedroom, which then created the “let’s rearrange my furniture at midnight” to make room for it. It is one of those pieces I will have forever because it is so beautiful and very functional! Right now I am thinking I will be able to fit all of my off-season clothes in it saving *so* much room in my already small closet! I will have a post up soon explaining how I styled it in my room.

Ikea Candle Holders A few months ago I went to Ikea and these two pieces caught my eye. I realized I could get creative and do a lot with them instead of just being candle holders. Right now I have the white tray on my vanity with all of my everyday products on it and in the candle holders I have my mascaras and brushes resting on the tray. If it did not fit on the tray, I found another spot for it besides on top of my vanity. It just makes my vanity a little more chic and keeps everything organized! Candle holder & tray.

Succulents  Just an FYI, I just learned how to spell succulents so yay me. It’s not a word that was on your weekly spelling tests in elementary school! Anyway, one of my special talents is that I can kill every plant I touch. But I love the way the green adds so much happiness to a room! Which is how I discovered succulents because it is very difficult kill them. Right now I have two real ones and two fake ones. I purchased my fake ones at HomeGoods, but right now fake succulents are in the Dollar Section at Target for $3!

J. Crew Statement Necklaces As a part of my work uniform, I have to wear a statement necklace to complete my look. Lately, I have been obsessed with J. Crew ones and this one is definitely coming home with me! (And it is on sale!) Right now I have dozens of them and it actually starting to become a problem. But it is amazing that with just one necklace it can dress up an entire outfit! This one is on major sale and I have been wearing it everyday. It is the perfect transition piece for spring!

Bralettes I have been accumulating bralettes lately and I want to know why we didn’t have these during the “your bra strap is showing” phase of fashion. I love the way a lacy bralette adds a sweet feminine touch to an outfit. It keeps you covered in all of the right places, but it isn’t bulky like a tank top underneath a sweater or shirt. It’s a nice way to add a pop of color or add a sweet detail to an outfit.

I was talking to my mom recently about where I am in life and where I hope to be in the next few months. To be honest, I am content with where I am in life, I am working two easy jobs that I love that allow me to have the freedom to live my life in other way, while at the same time being able to make enough money to pay my student loan and car bill as well as go on extravagant vacations! A few months ago, I decided to put building my career on hold and just work to make money, giving me the lifestyle that allowed me to live the life I wanted to live (sleeping late, staying up late, hanging out with people my own age at a job and no pressure from a job). I can’t say that all of my anxiety and self doubt has evaporated, it is still there, but I continue to find easier ways to process it.

My obsession with Home Goods has been going strong. A few times a month I go in to browse and sometimes a few things come home with me while others are put on my wish list for when I move out. I was doing some self reflecting with my mom (if you don’t do this now, definitely make time to chat with your mom about what is going on in your life because she really does know best!) and she pointed out that my fascination with home decor is because I am accumulating items for the future to be ready when the time comes to move out. Recently, I have been buying pieces for my “future apartment” because I am becoming ready mentally (and more importantly financially) to make the move.

When we are not happy or just content with our current lives, we try to do little things to improve our life around us. Which explains why the other night at midnight I decided to rearrange all of the furniture in my bedroom and donate 3 large bags to Goodwill. Right now Home Goods and Pottery Barn are my happy places, so I keep buying things to make me happy and to build towards my future life. While this is not good for my wallet, I do find joy in building a future for myself surrounded by pretty things!

Is anyone else currently buying items for their future apartment or obsessed with Home Goods like me? Let me know in the comments!



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