A Spritz of LOVE

A while ago, I received a few rewards and a handful of coupons from Victoria’s Secret. I didn’t need anything but felt like not using my gift cards would be a waste so I went into a store to browse. I have plenty of intimates and my pajama drawer looks like it is going to explode at any minute. Since I didn’t need any new lounge wear, I wandered over to the beauty section and started spraying. It’s been years since I purchased a perfume at Victoria’s Secret. Their marketing lately has been working because I wanted to see if there was anything I could buy with my gift card. After I sprayed the perfume LOVE, I immediately fell in love (ha!). It’s hard to describe but it’s a classic scent that feels light and airy. With the fruity and cotton combination, it’s a great fragrance for everyday. I already have so many perfumes for special occasions, but I am always looking for a fresh and clean fragrance to wear everyday.

I also need to admit that I may have purchased this perfume because of how pretty the bottle was! It looks so pretty on my dresser next to my other perfumes. Now before leaving the apartment, I love to do a quick spritz on my way out. I may not look like an Angel in a bra, but I guess I can enjoy pizza while smelling like one!

Have you tried any Victoria’s Secret Beauty items lately? I remember stocking up on sprays in high school and then trading them with my friends. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with scents and smelling good. I’m sure I’ll be back soon so I can pick up another perfume!


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