stripes + ruffles

img_4846One of my most difficult decision while packing for Florida was what I was going to wear to Universal Theme Park. I have to point out that while I was packing for Florida, it was freezing in Jersey. As I was wearing comfy sweatpants and my warm sweatshirt packing shorts and little dresses I kind of forgot what warm weather was. I knew I wanted to be comfortable, but what if it was chilly like it was in Georgia? I wanted to look cute, but also be comfortable. While going through my closet I had an AHA moment and found the perfect outfit.

shirt / shorts / shoes


This shirt is J. Crew from last summer, but it has been restocked and the price dropped significantly (Less than $30!)  The shorts are old from Francesca’s however I found even better quality ones here. When the weather gets warmer I am going to buy them in every single color. They have a scalloped edge and they remind me of the Lilly Pulitzer ones, but I found where you can get them for less than $30!

I also found the best purse duplicate for the Chloe bag. I found mine at Target but you can get a duplicate here under $40. I am so happy I brought this purse because it fit everything we needed and it was small enough I could just throw it over my shoulder. A lot prettier than a backpack, too!


I was in love with this shirt from last summer and I am so happy it is back this summer season. I wore it as often as I could because it was sooo cute!



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