Nashville: A weekend of adventures and overpacking

Packing for a weekend getaway can be hard because you want to pack multiple outfits for just a short amount of time. I’ve made it easy and put together a list of outfits that I wore on a girls trip to Nashville. While my friends overpacked for this trip, I came prepared with outfits already made for our trip.

denim // white t shirt // denim shirt // booties

I highly suggest wearing layers on a plane, especially when traveling to the south. I wore jeans and a basic white t-shirt with my denim shirt for warmth. I also wear my biggest shoes so I don’t have to take up room in my suitcase.

dress // shoes // bag

We weren’t sure of our plans for Sunday morning so I packed a dress just in case. Can’t go wrong with a Lilly Pulitzer dress and Tory Burch flats. I recommend packing a nicer dress or two just in case you decide to go out to eat at a nicer place.

black jeans // top // booties

Our first night in Nashville, we got dinner and drinks at a rooftop bar. Can’t go wrong with black jeans and a striped top!

shorts // top // booties

white jeans // top // shoes // bags // sunglasses

Trying to find an outfit that is cute in photos and also practical for walking around all day can be a little tricky! Can’t go wrong with white jeans and a brown sweater or long sleeve top.


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