I woke up this morning for work (late, as always) and remembered it was the first day of spring. I wanted to start distancing myself away from my black winter wardrobe and add some color since it is spring after all. I settled with a brown sweater and brown corduroy pants because it was still too chilly outside to put on pastels! I know it is going to be difficult to get in the spring spirit because this cold weather and the snow that still lingers. I tried to get away with not wearing my big black puffy coat to work today, but gave in and had to wear it! (I am so over this winter)

I thought this Monday’s post would be some tips on how to get ready for spring!

Take A Fitness Class I cancelled my gym membership in the fall because it was too expensive and I just never had the time to go. I also hate leaving the house in cold weather, so I dreaded going when there was snow on the ground. Now that the weather is going to get warmer, I made plans to take a Pure Barre class with a friend. I know I will probably die because I am so out of shape, but I need to get my body moving again. I also saved a ton of Tracy Anderson Youtube videos and Tone It Up workouts to do at home. To me spring is like starting a new years resolution, with the warmer weather I feel so motivated to get my body back into shape. IMG_5926

Spend Time Outdoors We spend very little time outdoors during the day. We go from our house, to the car, to work, back to the car and home again. I like to schedule errands after work on days and then park far away in the parking lot to spend some time outside of my home and work. I don’t see myself as the going for a hike by myself type of gal anytime soon, but I want to make more of an effort to spend time outdoors. Even if it is eating at an outdoor restaurant with friends, every minute of fresh air counts!


Spend Time In The Kitchen  I find myself during warmer weather eating better. I tend to have more fruit out or a fridge full of vegetables during the summer. The same laziness I have in the winter about the gym is also the same laziness with eating healthy and cooking. I am always running somewhere or have something to do, so I spend very little time in the kitchen cooking. In April, I want to start the Whole 30 diet, but do a modified version of it. I want to take the healthier recipes, but still cheat because my life is too chaotic to follow a strict diet like that! I hope to find new ways to incorporate more vegetables in my diet besides living on Wheat Thins and Diet Coke, which is my usual diet these days.

Mani/Pedi  Flip flop weather will be here before you know it! Treat yo self, girl and go get pampered. I don’t think this one needs more of an explanation! When I was in Florida, I realized too late that my feet had not seen sunshine in months but it was too late for a pedicure. I’m thinking a nice hot pink or pastel purple to get my feet ready for spring. img_5136

Bright Lip Invest in a bright lip color this spring to brighten up your look. In the winter, I stick to reds and nude lip colors but once spring hits I like to use more pinks. Right now I am obsessed with my Too Faced Melted Lipstick because it gives the perfect spring pop of color! Check out this post here to find out how I save money on name brand makeup products!img_3966

Invest in Fake Florals  In the summer, I take advantage of the huge hydrangea bushes in my front yard and have fresh flowers in every room. As much as I would love to buy fresh flowers every week when my hydrangea bush is dead, I just don’t have the budget to do that! TJ Maxx and Homegoods have amazing fake flower arrangements that are budget friendly to add some color in your home. If flowers are not your thing, invest in a succulent to bring some nature into your home.img_0794


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