hello, june it’s been a while since i’ve last seen you

It has been a very rainy May so now I am looking forward to some summertime! It is early June and I am already tan with some sun poisoning so maybe not the best way to start off summer but it can only go up from here! Happy June, everyone!

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As always, the June Desktop

My favorite part of my work day is the first 10 minutes of sitting at my desk getting settled in for the day. I take advantage of the Keurig we have in the office. The coffee sucks so I bring my own Starbucks K Cups in from home. It saves you SO much money. I like to get mine at TJ Maxx or Homegoods because it is always on sale.
While I drink my coffee and respond to emails I also check my personal email account because I get the world news sent to my email. I like to think of myself as an informed adult about the world but I just do not have the time to read a newspaper or watch the news at night. I get the Skimm Daily Newsletter and I am a better person for it. It gives you a brief (skimmed) version of the news including world news, politics, entertainment and just things you should know. Sign up and become a better, informed adult because of it. It takes 4 minutes of my day to know all the important things. PS It is very sassy and written by Millennials for Millennials!



LOTS of new shows this month to share!

She’s backkkkkk!  Chelsea Handler is back with an all new show and I am *obsessed*! You could tell at the end of her E! show that she was getting bored talking to celebrities about celebrity things. Now she has the freedom to talk about whatever and however she wants to say it! There are only a few episodes out right now so hurry up and catch up! It is entertaining and informative!


Season Two of Grace and Frankie came out in May. If you do not know this show- stop what you are doing and binge watch. Seriously, one of the funniest shows I have ever watched! Watch it so we can talk about it together!!  GRACE-AND-FRANKIE-key-art2

And I thought my family was messed up! If you want to watch a show to remind you that you and your family do not have it that bad, Bloodline is the show for you! It is a mystery that sucks you in with the first episode. They tell you how it all ends and the whole first season it has you guessing what will happen next. Season two was just released so yes, continue watching!



Products I Love

It is the Nordstrom sale and it feels like Christmas! I have been making an effort to purge my closet of items I no longer use and are that are not good quality. I have thrown out my entire high school wardrobe and everything from Forever 21. Now that I am an adult I feel like I should dress like one, right?!? Do I need anything? Nope. But I want it!! I have been having a rough few weeks so I think I will splurge on myself.  Some items on my wish list this month are….



I have had my eyes on the Tory Burch sandals for a month now and I think I am just going to swipe my AmEx and worry about it at the end of the month! I love my Tory Burch sunglasses but I am obsessed with tortoise sunglasses right now and these Karen Walker ones have caught my eye… While I am out I might as well get a new work bag, right?? I need something to fit my life but does not look like a backpack!


I threw a lovely MDW party and got some new home decor from Target.
A lot of it is red, white and blue but I found some decor that can be used all year round.

In the summer I get obsessed with fresh flowers in the house. It is a small thing but really adds so much to a room! My friend brought over some sunflowers as a hostess gift last weekend and they are still going strong!

I was bored and reorganized our linen closet. We have six bedrooms in our house so there are tons of sheets and linens. Next chore on my to do list is to pack away unused winter linens to make more room. Check out my earlier post the magic of decluttering and organizing to learn how to organize your life.

I have started to collect some home items for my future place. Right now they are sitting in my basement but I have plans to use them in my room now. Cannot wait to share!


If you live near me definitely stop by North Eats in Asbury Park. It is my new favorite spot!


This past weekend a friend and I stumbled into the new Asbury Hotel. We had drinks on the roof and got to see the inside. It looks like a New York meets the shore hotel and the rooftop bar makes you feel like you are on vacation and not in Jersey.


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