the work out before the actual work out

As I mentioned before, going to the gym is a bigger task than it should be for me.

I go to the gym after work and some days I just do not have the energy after a long day in the office. I had to do something to make going to the gym easier and more fun!

I have a lot of gym clothes, but they are all stuffed into a tiny drawer with no organization.I decided it was time to tackle my work out drawer.

Work Out Closet Goals29225f6fff0a64d917df0dbb668b7ef6Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Closet

Unfortunately, none of us have space or money to have a fitness closet like that!

In my effort to reorganize my room, I decided I needed one drawer to hold all my fitness apparel.

I began by throwing everything fitness related into one big pile in my room. A lot of the stuff was from high school with stains that just needed to go. I threw a lot out because I have not worn it in years and sitting in a drawer is just taking up space. I am that girl who has yoga pants that have never been to yoga… but I love to wear my work out leggings around the house doing housework. So, if it is going to the gym or just doing housework I want my comfy clothes easily accessible. For more information on how to organize your drawers check out one of my favorite posts the magic of decluttering and organizing!

FullSizeRender (40)

I was watching a documentary on how fitness apparel is a booming industry. People buy fitness apparel even if they do not plan on going to the gym. No matter what stores you go in there are gym clothes on sale! Victoria’s Secret just got rid of their swim line to make more room for sport bras so I think this trend is here to stay. Victoria’s Secret has their big semi-annual sale right now so stock up and save today!


I noticed that Target has completely updated their fitness section and are pushing the work out clothes. I partnered with Target a while ago and got a coupon for one of their sport bras. I am obsessed with them and the price. FullSizeRender (39)

 Now that I have money in the bank I want to buy a Lululemon outfit or two… I am also obsessed with the Free People leggings because of how unique they are. The problem with living at home and making money is now I want to spend it and not save it!

Looks like I will have to purge my drawer a little more to fit all of these in!


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