happy one year work anniversary

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On social media lately I saw a lot of my friends joining the workforce for the first time. We have all worked before so going to a job is nothing new. Most of my alma mater students work while juggling classes and community service so being overachievers is just something that comes with being a Hawk. But when you join the workforce as a college graduate something changes. This is no longer a part time job, a summer job or even a full time job that is just temporary. Even though you can leave any job at anytime when you start your big person job reality hits you in the face and you have to accept, you are now an adult. The first week is rough there is no doubt about it. The minute your job becomes easy and you can do it in your sleep is when you know it is time to move onto another job. I can remember the night before I started my first job out of college. Was I overqualified, yes. Was I afraid I was going to screw something up, yes. Was I terrified, yes. Is this what I wanted to do at the time, yes. I decided to move back home and start working for my town as a receptionist because I was not ready to become an adult. My senior year of college was a challenge for many different reasons and I was not ready for a real job. Front desk work was nothing new for me so I knew I could handle it. I quickly learned that just with an easy sounding job title there is actually a lot of challenging parts to the job. I do not care if you are answering phones, being an assistant or serving coffee– any job has its challenges and can be overwhelming.

On June 1, 2015 I started my first day with this company and a year later I have added on a lot more job titles and taken on more responsibilities. I quickly learned that just because I can do a lot of individual tasks I cannot do all of them at the same time. Starting June 1, 2016 a few of my job titles were taken away from me and given to someone else. At one time I was working in three different departments and juggling a lot of different responsibilities at one time preventing me from giving 100%. Could I have done it all, absolutely! But I learned that I can also say no to a boss because I do not want to. Hopefully you too can work in a work environment that respects you and listens. I have accomplished so much this past year at my job for my town and for the company I work for. I have worked on marketing and social media, two departments that were neglected the last few years and some people asked if they were really that important. We have had a few events in town and I like to think that because of my marketing the bigger crowds have something to do with me. I did not graduate with a degree in marketing or finance or public relations. But that is what I am doing now and I love it.

This past year I have learned a lot. I hope some of you recent graduates can look back on my journey and experiences and learn yourself that you have no idea what you are doing and that is okay!


The first day of an awfully big adventure

Wait, I have to go back??

wait, what week is it?

two letters, one word

sometimes I get to play in the sand at work

sappy “I miss school” post

i’m exhausted

now I understand why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up

Take the day off, work will be there when you get back…

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

graduation (friends forever)



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