Friday Favorites 7.1

When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

I am in shock that we are in July! Does anyone else feel like summer is almost over when 4th of July comes around?? I had a slower week this week since school wrapped up and preparing for summer camp to start next week. I’m enjoying my “summer break” as much as I can after a busy school year. I’m making a list of things I want to do and see this summer so I don’t miss out! Today, I’m working from Panera since I dropped off my car to be serviced at 7 am. Not how I wanted to end my week but at least it’s been a productive morning. Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Jake and I are always looking for a show to watch together and right now we are watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While I’m enjoying being able to work from home this week, I’ve been watching Ladies of London during my work breaks. I’m begging that Bravo brings back this show because it’s such a gem in the world of reality tv. This week a lot of new episodes dropped from our go-to shows from The Boys and Westworld.

I’ve talked about this shampoo and conditioner on Instagram before but as I’m finally finishing up the bottles, I need to talk about it again because it’s so good for blondes. I’ve always wanted light blonde hair but my natural hair color makes my blonde a brassy color. Our city water does not help at all but since I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner, my blonde has been perfect without my weekly purple shampoo 45 minute application. Keep an eye on the blog for a full product review because it’s that good!

It’s summer (and hot) which means I’ve tossed my foundation in the trash. Just kidding but I’m giving my skin a break and I’ve been using this budget friendly moisturizer daily. It gives a nice rose glow with just a little bit of product and does better during the hot days.

I sat down on a chair in the backyard and it literally collapsed seconds later. Our outside furniture was given to us by a neighbor and we wanted to fix up the backyard before we purchased any furniture so I wasn’t that sad. That day we ordered this budget friendly outdoor furniture set since this isn’t our forever house and didn’t want to worry about the weather to ruin nice furniture.

It’s summer so that means that Ed the cat is shedding. A lot. I’ve had this pet hair roller in my cart for almost a year and finally pushed the checkout button. Excited to use it and get our couch back!

Treated myself to a face ice roller after purchasing one for everyone I know except me. My mom loves hers so I’m excited to add this step in my morning routine.

Saw this window privacy film on Instagram and immediately added it to my cart. Our second floor bathroom needed a new one and this design makes it look like an intentional design feature instead of being up for privacy reasons.

  • Saw this chair at Target and it’s made of sherpa and it swivels. Fell in love immediately!
  • A lot of the Studio McGee items at Target are on sale! I’ve picked up pillows, artwork and small pieces for the house the last few weeks.
  • Fresh flowers in the living room.
  • On Wednesday, we had a work lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s at Suburban Square. It was a nice treat in the middle of the week.
  • Our backyard is very green and the grass is coming in so nicely! It’s a project we put off for so long because it was a lot of work but I’m so happy that the grass seed we planted came in perfectly.
  • Our new outdoor furniture is being delivered today. YAY!
  • The upcoming 4 day weekend!

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