Easy Everyday Contour

Kevyn Aucion Contour Book

I’ve been getting ready in the morning a lot more lately and having fun using new makeup products that I’ve purchased the last few weeks with all of the good sales going on. My favorite product right now is the Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book 3 and I seriously love it! I’ve used other contour kits in the past and I spend more time trying to blend the shades to make it look more natural than I’d like. The Contour Book 3 has all you need to contour, highlight, and an ombre blush giving you plenty of options. I love the powder is translucent enough to look natural and easy to layer for more color. 

I like to apply Sculpting Light below my cheekbones, the top of my nose, and then the edges of my forehead. I’ve found on days that I want to take pictures, I use the darker shade Sculpting Medium along my jawline because it gives my jaw definition and hides my double chin that likes to make an appearance once in a while! 😉 

Next, I like to apply the highlighter, shade Beam, above my cheekbones, dab the sides of my nose and make a V with my brush on my forehead. A reminder that when applying a highlighter that less is more! Sometimes when I apply too much my face can look shiny, therefore it looks oily which it’s not. 

I love the ombre blush because I can swipe right with my brush to get a natural color on my cheeks or swipe left with my brush to get a darker color. With a clean brush, I like to make a 3  on the side of my face starting at my forehead, around my eye towards my nose, and then along my jawline. I have found it does a good job of blending all of the products on my face so they look even and natural. 

This Countour Book has been so much fun to play with recently and it’s difficult to mess up because the shades are all very natural looking. On Zoom calls with my family, I like to take the extra step of contouring when I get ready because the video can sometimes wash me out. When we took our family Christmas card photo, I used the darker shades so my features would stand out in the photo. In the winter months, I can get very pale and contouring is a great way to get some definition in your face that you can lose when you don’t have any coloring. For the summer months when I have a tan, I can use the darker highlighter shade Flash and darker bronzer color without having to get a new contour palette. Instead of fussing with a ton of products, this one product does it all and makes it super quick and easy to apply.  I hope this post has helped inspire you to try contouring and realize it’s not as complicated as it seems! 


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