Brighten Skin with Lancome Clarifique Refining and Brightening Dual Essence

Lancome recently launched a new product, Clarifique. I was gifted a bottle of this highly praised essence to try and share with my readers.


The Lancome Clarique gently exfoliates skin, hydrates and brightens skin over time. It is a two phase formula with a combination of 2 essences. One that nourishes the skin and the other acts as a barrier to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Brightens skin and reduces appearances of pores when you apply it morning and night. The whisk inside of the bottle is a really brilliant feature because it helps mix the two essences really well when you shake before using guaranteeing you get the desired formula.


There is a lot of name recognition with Lancome and when I purchase a product from Lancome, I know it will work and show results. Don’t let the high end name discourage you from trying Clarifique because it is for experienced skincare users and beginners too! It is great for someone new to a skincare system because the two phase essence has everything your skin needs to be nourished and protect your skin from the environment that can cause your skin to look dull. Most skincare systems require a cleanser, serum and moisturizer to show results, but the Clarifique makes it easy because it has multiple benefits. After using the Clarifique essence, I can apply my anti-aging serums and moisturizer.


Step 1 shake to mix

Step 2 pour into hand or on cotton square

Step 3 apply to face

After a few uses, this essence leaves me with clearer, healthier, and dewy skin.


Lancome Clarifique Refining and Brightening Dual Essence

*Thank you to BzzAgent for gifting this product for review


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