How I Spend a Day Off

I work hard Monday through Friday so sometimes I just need a day off to unwind. Saturdays are typically my day to sleep late and get things done around the apartment. My goals for Saturday is to sleep without an alarm going off and allow myself to naturally wake up slowly. Since I spend the work week rushing to get ready and out the door, I like to have a slow wake-up to start my day.

I’ll eventually get out of bed and immediately wash my sheets before I do anything else. No matter how busy my Saturday is, I like to wash my sheets every single week even though I am a clean person. I’ve just always been very strict about this rule. Then I’ll go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and breakfast. While I wait for my Keurig to warm up, I like to spend a few minutes wiping down my kitchen counters and load up my dishwasher so it’s ready to go. If I had to describe my apartment, I would say that it looks lived in during the week and on Saturdays I like to do a really big deep clean of everything. Since I clean my apartment thoroughly every Saturday, it doesn’t take long to do luckily.

While I eat breakfast, I like to curl up on my couch with Ed and a blanket. With my work schedule, I never get to see my tv shows during the week so I will catch up on everything while I eat breakfast and clean around the apartment. Once I am finished, I will usually make another cup of coffee and run my dishwasher. On my way back to the couch, I will switch out laundry and put on a face mask. Saturday mornings are when I get my blog work done while catching up on my tv shows.

Once I get the motivation to get off the couch, I like to take a long shower and exfoliate. Sundays are when I wash my hair with a deep conditioner so Saturdays are when I can take a long shower and use the gazillion skincare products in my shower. Seems silly, but I’ll actually schedule in my planner what skincare product to use on Sundays for something to look forward to. That way I can start to use up all of the skincare collecting dust on my shelf. Once I get out of the shower, I moisturize everything! It has seriously been life changing since I started to be more consistent with using lotion post-shower. Your skin will thank you – trust me!

BING! Laundry is done. The best part about starting laundry first thing in the morning is that I have it going while I do other things around the apartment. I’ll tidy up my apartment, vacuum, wipe down the counters and take out the trash before I leave the apartment or crash on the couch to binge watch a tv show.

My goals for this year is to get better at going to the gym and reading on my days off. Sundays are typically my day for errands and I have found that there just isn’t enough time in the weekend to get everything done and relax! Whoever says they have a restful and productive weekend, I am convinced they are lying!

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