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I am cold and ready for this freezing weather to be over! Even with the snow that we have been having lately, it’s not worth the constant cold weather. A part of me is tempted to book a flight to somewhere warm for a while to get a break. This girl needs sunshine! Lots of retailers are releasing their spring collections but I am bundled up in sweaters and cardigans trying to stay warm. This week, I spent a lot of my free time on my couch with my bathrobe and slippers on watching tv. I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can start doing my long walks after work again.

What I’m Watching

Rizzoli and Isles on Hulu has been my go-to show again this week. Jake and I are working our way through season 1 of Stranger Things to catch up before the next season comes out. I’m rewatching the show since Jake has never seen it before and it’s fun to watch him get curious about the Upside Down. He keeps wanting to watch another episode because the suspense is killing him and I have to keep my mouth shut from giving spoilers!

Products I’m Loving

Free shipping on is dangerous because I just did a big order for some things I needed and a few impulse buys. All of my hair brushes broke in one week so I bought a few inexpensive ones because I cannot justify buying a Drybar or T3 hairbrush right now. One day, but I got 3 brushes from Target for the price of one higher end brush. I mostly blame the weather because it’s been rainy and cold for weeks now for my lack of energy lately so I also purchased some vitamins to hopefully improve my mood.

What I’m Loving

The Tory Burch Private Sale just started this week. This is a sale to definitely shop if you want to purchase a Tory bag or shoes because you can’t beat the sale prices.

I’ve wanted a bar cart for years but could never justify spending $200 on one even though they were really pretty! My dream bar cart is this one, but I just ordered this one that went to clearance making it very affordable.

I’m feeling a little guilty for hitting the snooze button every single day this week after reading Michelle Obama’s morning routine.

Speaking of Michelle, I want everything in her online store.

On The Blog

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My Favorite Coats

Last weekend, Jake and I went to Washington DC for the day and had a lot of fun walking around. We took Amtrak and even though I cried a little when my alarm went off early on a Saturday morning, it was convenient to get there just in time for a full day of exploring. One of my friends from middle school lives there so after we did some touristy things and walked through a Smithsonian. It was a rainy day which worked out for us because there were no crowds or lines for anything. After an easy Lyft ride to Georgetown, we went to an early dinner with my friend Kat and got to explore her neighborhood. Since it’s a short train ride away, we decided we would have to come back soon so we could see more museums.

I kinda got to sleep in on Sunday which was very much needed after a long week and day of traveling. However, now when I do have the chance to sleep late I always feel guilty because I could be productive instead. Anyone else? Did some laundry, pressed the button on my dishwasher and tidied up a bit before I got comfortable on my couch and watched an entire season of Rizzoli and Isles. My original plan was to go food shopping but after I saw that it was raining outside and that I had enough food in my kitchen to get me through another week, I decided it was going to be a lazy day instead!

Monday was a busy day at work so luckily the day flew by kinda quickly. Lots of calls, emails, and requests came in so I didn’t get much of a breather. After work, I immediately put on cozy pajamas and treated myself to a lazy night on the couch. Mondays are usually my really productive day and my gym day but I really needed some time to relax and unwind after work. Before bed, I became an overachiever and pulled out the trunk with all of my summer clothes to go through them and see what I could donate. One of my goals this weekend is to go to Plato’s Closet and see what I can sell before I donate the rest. My bedroom is currently a mess because I am making myself really justify keeping these clothes so I can be prepared when I downsize apartments in a few months. RIP walk-in closet!

Tuesday was weird because I spent half of my day in a training seminar for work and then back to my desk for a quiet night catching up on emails and tasks for the day. After work on my walk home, I called my mom while Jake strategically ordered dinner so it would arrive at my apartment when we got to my place. For some reason, Jake never watched Stranger Things before so we are watching it together to get ready for the new season. On Wednesday nights, we try to go out for dinner or do something for a mid-week pick me up. Instead, we immediately rushed home to get cozy on the couch and keep our Stranger Things binge going. Hopefully once Spring arrives, we will actually want to go places after work. But for right now my couch is the best place to be on a cold and dreary night.

After work on Thursday, I did some cleaning around the apartment and spent some time updating my resume. It was on my to do list for things I should do in early 2019 and encourage everyone to spend 30 minutes updating their resume. So funny story…. All of my hairbrushes broke in a two-week span so I had to order a few because my hair was a hot mess. I was eager to be able to wash my hair and actually blow dry my hair the other night. I’m excited for a quiet Friday night in and then plan on being productive around the apartment on Saturday. Lots of adulting and errands on Sunday with a Trader Joe’s and Costco run. Hope everyone has a relaxing and productive weekend!


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