tied together with a bow

The one accessory that I keep wearing over and over again is one of my velvet bow hair ties. These pretty bows are the perfect little addition to any hairstyle. I had seen them a while ago for sale at J. Crew and added them to my Christmas wish list. My rule in life is that if it has a bow on it, I need to have it. My obsession with bows is obvious in my wardrobe, home decor and at my desk at work. So I’m pretty sure I lost it when I saw Kate Middleton wear the velvet at an event a few months ago. Then of course they quickly sold out by the end of the week. Thank goodness my friend bought me and herself a few before Kate made them sell out! It’s a little detail but it really dresses up an outfit. The good news is I found stores that sell the same exact bow. YAY! Even better news is that the price is right. It takes a classic pony and makes it look more chic. My go to hair style for work is a half up and half down pony tail and these hair bows are perfect for hiding 3rd day hair! Here are some bows to make you dress and feel like a princess!

one (pink ) / two (black ) / three (maroon) / four / five


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