Last Minute Halloween Costume

This year for Halloween I am stuck in bed after surgery, so I thought I would share last years last minute Halloween costume on the blog. Last year, it was freezing outside and I did not want to be one of those girls who showed up with very little clothing on at a bar on Halloween.

With clothing I had in my closet and a printed out Starbucks logo taped to my stomach, I went as a cup of Starbucks coffee. I used a white tee shirt, white skirt, brown leggings and a brown infinity scarf wrapped around my stomach. My “purse” for the evening was a bag from Starbucks and a drank beer out of a Starbucks that evening.  I was really committed to the theme! Super easy, super affordable and even warmer!



I hope everyone is having a fun Halloween this year! I will be in my bed eating a Costco sized bag of candy by myself binge watching Friends on Netflix !


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