Favorite Purchases of 2017

This year for Christmas, I handed my parents a post it note with things I wanted for Christmas. At first, my parents thought it was a joke and then asked what I really wanted. I explained that what I wanted for Christmas were things I needed, but didn’t want to purchase myself. Those items included a new toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, face wash and bath towels. Anyone who is a new to the whole #adulting thing will understand that buying the products we need every month, is a pain and an expense we wish we didn’t have to pay.

I also didn’t ask for much for Christmas because I did some smart shopping this year and have all the things I need. In an effort to save money and live more simply, I only buy things that I need to improve my quality of life. I would much rather spend more money for an item if it will last longer. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite purchases of 2017 with you guys! Keep reading to see what I have invested in and what products have changed my life! To be honest, I will probably be coming back to this post in the next few days to update it because I know it was a good year full of good purchases!


Steamer: If you buy one thing in 2018 make sure it is a steamer! I have a somewhat big, obnoxious one and I am in love with it. I steam my clothes every morning before work and it has helped me get out of the house in the morning so much faster than ironing. At this point in my life, having ironed (or steamed) clothes are necessary and wrinkles are no longer acceptable.  I purchased mine at Overstock.com and there are a variety of kinds and price ranges there.

Bathrobe: This was an unexpected purchase in December. I got this robe because it was on sale plus it was pink and fluffy (my weakness). I don’t think I have taken off my bathrobe since I purchased it because it is that cozy! I went back a week later and purchased another to give to a friend for Christmas because it was that good! I also have half a dozen of this type of robe that are perfect for spring or summer lounging or post shower.

High End Mascara: After graduating from college, I tried to ditch as much drug store makeup as I could. I saved and saved and bought the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I was blown away by the quality of it and I haven’t been able to stop using high-end mascara since. All of my favorite high end mascaras and what I use daily are here.

Bronzer: I am very pale and my face looks even paler especially bleh when I don’t get enough sleep. I started to use bronzer in the winter to add some color to my cheeks under blush and it adds some life back into my face. I have tried many and this is my favorite for an inexpensive natural-looking glow. No orange tint, promise!

Hairdryer: My mother thought I was crazy for coming home with this big box full of an expensive hair dryer. My hair is something that I invest a good amount of money in and I don’t mind. However, I have been washing my hair before work more often and I needed something that would dry my hair fast. With a normal hairdryer, it takes about 40 minutes to dry and then it is one big frizzy mess. With my new hairdryer, it only takes me 20 minutes and I have smooth hair with a perfect blowout. Worth every penny in my opinion! I really do see the difference in how fast my hair dries, but also the health of my hair.

Boots: I love shoes, but lately I have been picky about where I purchase them from. My inexpensive ones are literally falling apart after a season or two. Now that I am working, I have some extra money to invest in good shoes that will last me years. Last year, I bought black Tory Burch boots and this year I bought these during a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My trick to buying these boots is to wait for a sale. Never pay full price- because they always go on sale. Keep an eye out for an Anniversary Sale, a Black Friday or hey, here is a sale because when they do go on sale, they are a must have boot at a reasonable price! Even though my specific boot is sold out, they release new black and brown ones every season!

Bag: In my defense, I threw out dozens of purses over the summer so that they all fit in one moving box. That being said, I have had my eyes on this specific bag for two or three years now. Every time I fly, there is a girl next to me using it as a carry on purse and it looks so chic! For my birthday, the company sent me a $50 gift card and I was stupid if I didn’t finally buy the bag! It is huge, so I plan to use it when I travel and as a work bag. I am so happy that I finally bought this bag!


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