Tips on Storing Your Summer Wardrobe

It is that time of year that we find ourselves throwing on a sweater or jeans because the chilly days are becoming more and more frequent. Now comes the daunting task of putting away your summer wardrobe to make room for fall.

Here are some of my tips on keeping your summer clothes and accessories looking like new for next summer.

  1. Shoes

    You know how much I love to purge my closet? Well before you start to put away your summer shoes, check to see what shoes you didn’t wear the last three months. If you have Old Navy flips flops sitting in your closet unworn all summer, there is no need to put them away in storage. Go through your shoes and see what you can donate or throw out. With that being said, clean all of your shoes before putting them away. Make sure to remove all of the dirt and sand that gets in the shoes during the summer months. I like to keep the original box my more pricey shoes came in like my Jack Rogers or Tory Burch sandals. The rest of my flip flops all go in a box that is properly labeled of course!

  2. Summer Bags and Straw Totes

    Be sure to shake out any sand, pennies or receipts that are left in your bag before you put them away. I cannot tell you how many lipglosses I find at the end of the summer when putting my bags away. Higher end bags usually come with a bag to store purses in, so definitely use them when you pack them away. To make sure bags keep their shape, stuff tissue paper in them and stand them upright when putting them away.

  3. Summer Clothes

    Packing up my summer wardrobe usually takes a few days to complete because I like to have it all organized and easy to unpack the next summer. I take out all of my summer clothes and try to donate as much as I can. Then everything gets washed and properly folded. An extra step I take is to pack up my summer clothes by category. It is an unnecessary step, but when I am looking for clothes next spring, I will know exactly where to look. I put all of my shorts, tops and dresses, etc in separate bins making it easy to unpack next season.

  4. Keep An Empty Box Nearby

    I guarantee you that you will forget to pack up something. A tank top, shorts that got lost in your laundry pile or a flip to your flop. I keep an empty shopping bag or a bin in my closet so I can just throw some loose items I forgot to pack up.


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