How to Have Better Mornings

I am not and will never be a morning person. Unfortunately, every day that alarm goes off in the morning and I have to get out of bed. Why is it that our bed becomes like a soft cloud in the morning making it impossible to get out of it when that morning alarm goes off? I hate getting out of bed in the morning, but I also know that I don’t work well being rushed in the morning so I like to give myself at least an hour before I leave the house in the morning.

Here are some ways I have better mornings….

  • Eat Breakfast Even if it is a cup of coffee and some fruit, I need to eat something before I start the day. I will sit at my vanity and scroll on Instagram while I do my makeup. But taking a little time out of my morning for some me time allows me to wake up at a slow pace.
  • Make A To Do List The worst thing is going to bed at night and feeling like you have accomplished nothing. While I eat my breakfast, I make to do lists of things I want to complete that day. It gives me purpose, helps me plan out my day and it feels so good at night crossing things off my list.
  • Look At Your Planner To See The Day/Week Ahead How many times do we forget someone’s birthday, forget about that hair appointment we scheduled a month ago, or you look like a slob at work the day you have an important meeting. It is a good idea to at least peak at your planner before you leave the house to see what you have that day. I keep mine in my car and look at it before I go into the house at night and before I head to work in the morning.
  • Having an Organized Closet I would not be able to get out of the house on time if I did not have an organized closet. I know people roll their eyes and laugh at how organized my bedroom and closet are. But I know that I can wake up and put an outfit together because I know where everything is in my bedroom. I know I will never be late for work because I couldn’t find my other shoe!
  • Wake Up To A Clean Kitchen Before I go to bed every night, I clean my kitchen, start my dishwasher, and pick out a cute coffee mug and a K Cup ready for the next day. Again, one of those silly things overlooked, but waking up to a clean house allows me to easily get ready and get out of the house one time.
  • Start Your Week With A Fridge Full of Food I will stand in front of my fridge and open and close it hoping that new food will appear. It never does, but those weeks I don’t go food shopping ruin my morning. I have nothing to pack for lunch and only have a cup of coffee for breakfast. I like to buy food that are pre-made meals so I can grab and go.
  • Sleep! Set that alarm on your phone that tells you to go to bed and actually go to bed at a normal hour. Your morning and day will be ruined if you are tired all day.

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