Malvern Buttery

Everyone knows I love brunch. Very few things will get me out of bed on a Sunday morning, but say the word brunch and I will be ready to head out the door in minutes! I slept over at a friends house on Saturday after my adventures in Philly and we decided to try a new place we have never been to for brunch. My friend and I are trying this new thing where we only eat at places we have never been before and it is the greatest thing !

Malvern Buttery is this adorable restaurant in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It reminds me of a Chip & JoJo from Fixer Upper inspired restaurant with the shiplap and use of antiques for decorating.

The food is also delicious! It is a buffet style restaurant… you put on a tray the foods you want but pay per item. My friend had to stop me from licking my bowl because the food was that good!

I can’t wait to see what other places to eat we find next!


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