Philly, You Have My Heart

If you have talked to me at all the last few months, you have heard me complain about having to work on Saturday mornings. At first, it doesn’t seem like a big deal… it is just a few hours Saturday morning and then I am off in the afternoon. One of the biggest things on my summer to do list was to go to Center City Philadelphia more this summer. Working on Saturdays and having to be back in the office Monday morning made my weekends short leaving little time for city adventures. This past Saturday was my first Saturday off since May and I was thrilled! But I didn’t want to spend my first Saturday off sleeping until noon or cleaning my house (my favorite thing to do on my days off). I called up a friend from college and told him I wanted to get lost in Philadelphia. Okay… so you can’t actually get lost in Philadelphia because it is a grid but you get the idea.

Scroll all the way to the end of the post to get the outfit details.

I think I found my future home!

I love that you can see the Liberty Bell, walk around Rittenhouse Square and then drool over brownstones in Society Hill all in a day.

We parked on the rooftop of the parking garage and I fell in love with this view at nighttime. 



 FYI My purse is on sale at Target for only $8! It is a good fake for the Chloe purse and the saddle style bags are very big this fall. I bought the light pink one and an olive green one because I couldn’t decide! Even though it is small it fits a lot of stuff! While in Philly I had my giant wallet, phone, keys, and an extra phone charger with (some) room to spare. Run don’t walk to Target to get these bags before they sell  out!

Last week there was a break from summer weather and the mornings were very chilly. It is that awkward time of season every year when no one knows how to dress. Yes, my fall scarves are out of storage, but it is still too warm to wear them. The sweaters are folded in my closet, but I will die of heat exhaustion if I wear them. Living on the beach, the weather is always 10 degrees colder than inland. So trying to find an outfit for a day in Philly was rather difficult. When I texted some friends who lived there for a weather report they were very little help! Going through my closet I got sad because all of my Lilly and fun summer dresses are packed away in storage and now my closet is shades of black and grey. I had just given myself a spray tan so I knew I was not going to wear pants but trying to find a dress for fall is difficult.

I was delighted when I found my long sleeve denim J Crew dress hidden in my closet. It was long sleeve but still comfortable to walk around Philadelphia in with the heat and chilly weather at night. During one of my trips to Target to buy some fall decor (a post will be up soon to share my treasures!), I found this handbag in the clearance section for only $8!! I bought an olive green one as well because I couldn’t decide! I saw a few other bloggers post photos with this bag and I didn’t have the money to afford a designer saddle bag, but this one is amazing quality and it fits so much stuff! RUN to Target now because you need this bag this season!


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