Getting Ready For Fall at Target

I love summer… but I love fall decor more!

I wanted to share with you some of my recent purchases from Target! I love to shop at Target because they always have cute decor I can add around my house to get ready for the seasons. I love to decorate the house for fall because when the weather starts to change I think we all need a little change with home decor as well! I have a lot of fall decorations, but that didn’t stop me from picking up a few new items while at Target the other day!

I just found your plans for this weekend…. grab a Starbucks coffee and head to Target to get in the mood for fall! Try to leave the store without purchasing at least one of these items!


These ceramic pumpkins (also sold in white) are only $3! They are great to have on a dining room table or have them around the house. 

This sign is perfect for our bar and it was only $3! This is one side….

And this is the other side! It was too cute not to get!

I don;t plan on having a dinner party anytime soon… but I know when I move out of my parents house I will be fighting over home items with my mother. I love her napkin rings and she has an amazing collection for each holiday. I couldn’t not get these copper leaf napkin rings!

Target has been using this copper color for a while now in its decor. Last year I picked up copper candle holders and this year I found these candles in clearance for really cheap! I like that with the copper candles I can easily transition to fall in my house. 

Mr. Squirrel and I have become the best of friends. Did I need it? Nope! But he was just too cute not to get. Target has  a collection of little animals for $3. 

Okay, I am really excited to share this one with you! I saw another blogger write about this bag because it is a good copy of the Chloe bag or any other saddle bag style that is popular this fall. It is on sale now in the clearance section for only $8! I couldn’t help myself so I got two of them!

I have been using the pink one a lot lately the last few weeks for my trips into Philadelphia. When I say it holds a lot of stuff…. I really mean it! It is small so it doesn’t get in my way, but it also fits a lot of stuff.

Target has adorable pillows for fall! The dollar section has been including a lot more pillows each season and they are only $5 so it is hard to say no!

This week I have been decorating the house for fall and I should have a house reveal up soon. Recently my mom and I tore down our living room and dining room ceiling and we will have construction workers in our house soon to put up drywall. Lots of projects going on this month.


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