the accidental new years eve resolution

canstock14468516IMG_5177.PNGOn New Years Eve everyone makes promises that by February or March we have forgotten about or just given up on. No, you are not going to drink three water bottles a day or eat a piece of fruit everyday or even start running if it is not something you actually force yourself to do or naturally want to do it. New Years Eve resolutions turn more into burdens because we have to do something instead of doing it naturally. That is why this year I completed something that most people put on their lists by accident, because I wasn’t even trying!

In 2015 I traveled. A lot. While making my list I kept remembering more and more places I went to!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jackson, Mississippi

New Orleans, Louisiana

Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Charlotte, North Carolina

Florence, South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Atlantic City, New Jersey

                                                                   Ocean Grove, New Jersey


After four years of primarily living in Philadelphia for school I made an effort to fall in love again with my hometown and visit towns around me. It was funny how after living near all of this for so many years, being away gave me a new love and excitement to travel to these places.

Ocean Grove | Belmar | Bradley Beach | Asbury Park | Avalon Beach | Monmouth Park Race Track |



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New York


Boston, Massachusetts

This year I have learned to just say yes to every adventure that comes my way. I haven’t flown since I was a little kid and that was a big fear to get over but in just a few months I was able to transfer flights and pack like a pro. Some of these trips were planned for months in advance and others were planned very last minute. But because I forced myself to take time to leave my regularly dull and boring day to day life I hopped on a plane or in a car and just went. We can make up so many excuses on why not to go, why can’t we make up excuses to go?

Cheers to 2016 and hopefully new states and adventures to see!


2 thoughts on “the accidental new years eve resolution

  1. OK being able to see things in the future, I see your calendar for June. It says: “ALASKA”
    We’ll leave the light on for you — as in, for 20 hours a day!


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