Fall To Do List

Last fall was the first time in years I was actually able to enjoy fall and all of its cliche fall things to do! When I was in college, my weekends were spent in the library writing papers and I did not have the time to do as many things as I wanted. Cold weather did not mean cute accessories- it meant I had to walk to classes in the cold weather which was never fun!

Living with my parents does not sound like the greatest life plan. However, it was great to be able to force them out to a pumpkin patch or have my moms fall decor to decorate the house with. This fall I hope to make more of an effort to make plans with friends and do fall things. I already have a pumpkin picking day and blog photoshoot with a friend planned, a day in the city and lots of plaid hanging in my closet ready for any fall adventure!

Fall To Do List

At the start of each month I like to make a to do list of things I want to do that month. During the fall it is still warm but cool enough to do some outdoor activities and as I said before, I love summer, but I love the fall wardrobe more!

Fall Candles


Pumpkin Picking


Apple Picking


Hocus Pocus


Decorate the House for Fall




Delicious Orchards


Wear Lots of Plaid


Walk in Crunchy Leaves


Weekend Trip


Last year my family and I did a day trip to Philly. I hope to get back to my favorite city permanently this year!


Any adventure that begins with Starbucks is my favorite adventure!12274260_10153870311553149_5891761335539463585_n

Last fall, my college friends and I did a long weekend in Boston. We are making plans now to go explore Newport this year!

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