Hello September!

Can you believe we are already talking about fall? This summer flew by, but was filled with wonderful weather and great beach days. I love summer, but I cannot wait to start dressing in layers and decorating the house. This summer I have been wearing Lilly and bright colors everyday. I am craving cozy cashmere sweater weather! I wore pants this past week for the first time since May and my legs broke out in rashes all over. Even my body is rejecting cooler weather months! This fall brings changes in weather, wardrobe and our personal lives. This fall starts a new chapter for me and I hope for you too! Go get yourself a PSL and enjoy the change in leaves and weather.


It is a new month and a new desktop for my computer is up!


Check out my earlier post on how to update your work desk. Are you sure you have everything you need at work? Enough snacks? A hair tie for those bad hair days? September is the perfect month to take unused items home and restock with the items you need. Also, check out my older post on how to decorate your work space. September reminds me of getting new school supplies and going back to school. Since my school days are over I want to get some new items to freshen up my work space.


logo-gossip_girl-headerGossip Girl

If I don’t feel like watching a show or movie on Netflix and just want to have something on in the background, I always put on Gossip Girl. In college while I was getting ready to go out I would watch a few episodes to get inspired. What would Blair do?? What would Serena wear??? This past month I rewatched the whole series again and was reminiscent of the early 2000s. I forgot how amazing the music was for that show, it has some classics we all forgot about.

the-ranchThe Ranch

It is a new Netflix original show that Ashton Kutcher made. At first I was skeptical because it had Ashton in it. For a while I had been scrolling past it but I didn’t think much of it. Then I saw Ashton Kutcher on Chelsea Handler’s show talking about it. It is a show about a thirty year old something who moves back at home without a job or money. Sound familiar? If you liked that 70s Show you will like this one because it is the same quick (but dirtier) humor.



Chelsea Handler has moved her E! Show to Netflix and it is the best thing she has ever done. If you liked her show then, you will like this one even more! She still does interviews, but she talks about the issues that actually matter – not just actors promoting a new movie.



A movie that delicately and respectfully covers the investigation of the true story of The Boston Globe uncovering the massive scandal of the scandal of priests molesting children and the cover ups that followed by the Catholic Church.



I am obsessed with this top from J Crew! Check out this blog post to see how I styled it.  Right now it is 25% off with the code SHOPSALE. It is also available in black and white stripes too!

Products I Love

I hate my legs. I have scars, stretch marks, and acne marks that take forever to fade away. I finally just gave up on what people thought and wear shorts without a care. When I would go out I would put layers on foundation on my legs hoping it would not melt away. AND THEN I found a miracle product! The Sally Hansen Airspray adds a thin layer of tinted coverage and hides all of my imperfections. It’s like adding a snapchat filter to your whole body LOL


For my parents anniversary, I am giving my parents a new walk in closet. This project just started but the hard part is over. The drywall is up and now we just need to spackle and paint! It’s time to start the designing stage now that the new walls are up! I will have a new post up soon about how to make a walk in closet for cheap!

The stores are putting out their fall decor already and it makes me want to decorate the whole house! I love summer but I love fall decor more. Check out your Target because they have their fall and Halloween decor out. This Hello Fall pillow is only $5!  I can’t wait to go out and get mums for the house and get our fall decor box out of storage. I am forcing myself to wait until the end of September to start decorating. It is 90 degrees here in Jersey so I am enjoying the last few weeks of Locals summer!


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